Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Happy Birthday, Maria Nunes Taylor--Part Two, By Diana

Maria Taylor’s Poems:

Warm Breezes, dancing leaves
humming, soothing melodies.
Birds back from distant places.
Children laughing, shining faces.

Summer is here with happy sounds,
Marching ants across the ground.
Joining in the barbecue
on the blanket next to you.

Soon summer fades away.
Autumn leaves briskly sway
in shades of red and gold,
passing days and nights get cold.

The fires crackling as we sit,
clicking needles as you knit.
Winter soon unfurls a blanket,
made of many flakes of snow.

I wandered to the top of a hill today
and looked to the valley below.
I saw the most beautiful hues
of green and gold.
Goldenrod –
As far as I could see.
nodding in the autumn breeze.
The sky so blue,
White, fleecy clouds in flight.
The birds gathering in clannish groups.
Jibing – chirping – chattering.
Suddenly, up in flight above the trees,
heading for their wintering home.
Oh, how I wish I too had wings,
to fly so free in the autumn breeze.

A trail made by an old railroad track,
led me into deep woods.
Moccasins damp with morning dew.
I saw the stump of a fallen tree,
that became my pew.
Listening to sounds around me, just to mention a few.
Croaking frogs – chirping birds.
Hidden sounds of bear and deer.
Many more could not be seen,
I could sense that they were near.
All sounds combined in harmony,
in God’s wilderness retreat.
Oh? The glorious scene and sounds
Peace and solitude I found.
All too soon the sun declined.
It was time for my return,
to a very busy world.

Mom was someone who skimped and saved,
no doubt went hungry many a day.
Mom cared for grandma until she died:
after that she worked twice as hard.
Time was not faraway
when the day arrived and we sailed away,
across the sea to the U.S.A.
Mom was determined that we would be free:
soon we would see the Lady of Liberty.
Each day I thank the Lord up high for Mom’s love and caring of sister and me.
Thank you, Mom, for all you gave
to keep us from becoming political slaves.

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CB said...

I had no idea that Maria wrote poetry!! What an accomplished lady as I know that she did beautiful hair work! I well remember when Doris used to visit there, she always said that she gained 10# each time! I am so glad that they
lived near Tim for a bit so that I could visit too CB