Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Rob's progress and an address for card: By Nance

Rob is over at Florida Hospital Beachside Rehab in Ormond right now, and as soon as they release him from there, which he really wants to stay long enough to take advantage of the 3 therapies he gets on a daily basis (speech, occupational, and physical) until he feels confident enough as he may not be able to have some of the same therapies on an out-patient basis, then he will be going over to my daughter Cynthia's house to stay until he can get back into living by himself at Curtis's condo in Ormond. We will all help with having someone around him at all times while at Cynthia's.

So for the time being, he does really enjoy getting cards (the funnier the better, but he enjoys the ones that give him hope to look forward to, whatever) and he does put them up on his wall for him to see at all times, so if anyone would like to send a card, you can send it to my address for now as I go over to Rehab daily to sit with him and Barb while she's here this week before she returns to Tennessee this next weekend. We go out on the roof patio and sometimes chat with a couple of the other patients that are out there with their families also, but the food has been so awful that Barb and Curt when he was down here last week will usually bring him some food they cooked at home or gotten at a restaurant (not fast food) for him and they all eat together.

Part of his occupational therapy was to make himself breakfast for him and the therapist the other morning (he was quite proud of himself--waffles, all 20 of them, and bacon and eggs -- he feels like he's back to his culinary self). And they have him playing pool, or checkers games with the therapist to see what his coordination (mind and body) skills are progressing to with the left side. And he's into Sudoku games, so I got him a book and myself a book, and when he starts one of the games he'll tell me which number page it is and I'll try to do the same one. He's had more experience at this than I have, so maybe he can teach me a few things along the way as he is relearning some of his mind-challenging developments again.

My address is: 423 John Street, Lake Helen, FL 32744

I have said it before, and he keeps proving me right -- but this is one amazing young man. So determined to keep his life on the straight and narrow now and get up and over his obstacles, but to try to make sure he's doing it right.

Love to you all -- to those of you that I saw at the Family Reunion, as usual it was so great seeing all of you and experiencing your love and blessing of all of our lives. And delving into some memories has always been fun....till next year....

Love -- Nance

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So great to hear about your progress--your cooking sounds delicious!

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