Saturday, September 26, 2009

More Taylor Reunion and Baker Reunion Photos!

Hello Cousins!!

Check out the right side and look down until you see the link to 'Taylor and Baker Reunion'.

Baker Cousins:
Under Baker Reunion, you will find here the great pictures you have already seen taken by Laurel, Chuck, Ted and Sue. But, Sue's folder on has LOTS more pictures of the event--take a look again, if you have already looked.

And, Sue has a terrific short video of the hay ride, for those of you whose computer is fast enough--just a brief way to feel a part of the laughing hubbub that no doubt went on that day!

And, for the Taylors, we have pictures of this September's reunion, taken by both Chuck and Uncle Jack--thank you very much to both of them.

And, for the truly eagle eye, I have combined the Taylor and Baker Genealogies into one folder, but all the information is the same.

Enjoy!! and Love to all,


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