Sunday, September 30, 2007

More Reunion Pictures!

A beautiful autumn day here in New England! I thought I would put up some more great pictures from the reunion............

From Diana

Last year for Mom's 90th we had a little suprise party and grilled outside. This year we just brought a cake to her Assisted Living Apartment on September 1st. It was a big marble cake - everyone said it was way too big - but since I got to take home the leftovers I thought it was just right.
My husband Bill and I were there - as well as Carol, and 2 of my 3 kids were there. (Jon and Kris). Several of mom's friends from St. Benedicts also stopped in for cake and ice cream.
The next day - we drove about 30 miles to watch my daughter in law in a horse show. She does 'Eventing' which is Dressage, stadium jumping and cross country. We went to watch stadium jumping and mom was very willing to give each and every rider - some tips on what they should do better. She really enjoyed herself.

Saturday, September 29, 2007

From Kathy Taylor Mills

we had a lovely time at the family reunion.
it was chilly and misty rain but still the best
attended one so far.
my parents were very happy with it.
ann and i enjoy doing it at the cottage because
any farther away and my parents would not be able to make it.
they do not travel well any more.

i did not get to talk to every one but most of them.
i think the cold chased every one off with little
there are so many small second cousins now
that i can't always keep them straight.
we need name tags with who is who and who they
belong to on them haha,
i think nance was very happy with the turn out.
being the oldest cousin she wanted to see as
many as she could.
it was great for food too,we had a great amount
to pick from in choices.chuck lochner made great

From Pat: THANKS to Charlie Hawkes and Ted Lochner for some of these posted pictures. Great work!!

From Annie Catherman

To all of you that couldn't come we sure do miss you all! Would be great fun to get more people to the reunion. Wish we could twitch your nose like Bewitch and get everyone to one place just to reminisce!!!

We sure did have a lot of relatives at the Taylor reunion!! I am still trying to get all the names on one piece of paper and try to remember all the names???? We had freezing weather which is normal for September time. All the food was excellent- never can finish it all and then have room for all the desserts too!!! I think it took three lines to get everyone through to get food!!

I figured out that there had to be a least three generation of cousins in some of the families????Any one else agree??? HOPE EVERYONE HAD A GOOD TIME!!!!!!

Love Annie

From Aunt CB

Taylor Reunion lived up to its reputation, cold and rainy. But it was a big turnout and everyone had good time. There was more food than we could eat.

Up and Running...........!

Okay Cousins............This is your page!

I am starting it with some pictures of the Taylor Reunion that have been sent to me.

I am hoping that we can all add comments, pictures, posts, or whatever so that we can keep up with each other in our busy lives.

For instance, the Red Sox have clinched the AL East division for the first time in twelve years! Tim and Rose's son Paul hopes to catch a game with the Red Sox against the LA Angels because while he would have NO chance for a ticket at Fenway Park here in Boston, out in LaLa Land, apparently seats are for the asking.

Hope to hear from you all!