Saturday, September 12, 2009

Rob Taylor and Maria Taylor—Let’s keep them in our Prayers

As many of you know, Rob Taylor, son of Bob Taylor, had a stroke on Friday. At age 35, this is a shock!

He is in a Florida hospital and has just come out of surgery. His aunt Nancy emails “Keep Rob in your prayers. So far as we can tell from what the doctors and nurses are telling us, the prognosis for Rob is good, it was caught in time, and it doesn't seem to be as much as they thought it possibly could be.

So tomorrow everyone is going to stagger their schedules to cover staying with Rob and cheer his recovery on. (To tell you the truth, we are a sorry looking bunch of people -- sleep deprived, a noisy, boisterous crowd trying to get thru the moment in the best way that we can!)”
--Nance, not sure when we WEREN’T a boisterous crowd, but we are all with you and Rob and family!!

And Cousin Diana writes tonight about her Mom: “My mom has taken a turn for the worse and is now in a nursing home and we'll see if they can rehab her out - and back to her apartment - she did make it back after her fractured pelvis but fell again and appears to have had some sort of TIA and has some diminished capacity, along with pneumonia.”

Thinking of both of them, and of everyone watching over them tonight.

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