Thursday, May 22, 2014

Spring Has Sprung! By Pat Kinsella Herdeg

As I write this, Denver had five inches of hail yesterday and tornadoes shut down the Denver airport, so clearly spring has many faces.

I'll start with Julie and Wes Riber in Colorado:

We had about 8 – 10 inches of snow and Monday ( the day after Mother's Day) was the day we had to move my boss, Peg, out of her old house and into her new one.  It was pretty miserable. 

I’m headed out today to do some yard work.  I’ve got big plans for moving my vegetable garden and our back patio is going to be awesome this year.  I love the “outdoor living room” concept and we’re finishing up an extension of our patio and roof to accommodate all that.  Can’t wait to see what everyone else is going to do.

Mother's Day Storm in the Rockies

Yep!  That’s about how it looked around here a week ago.  Today’s high:  80 degrees.

Next is from Lorraine and Mike Maney in upstate New York:

Our knock out roses were fabulous last summer. We’re hoping for the same results this year. Happy spring!

 Maney's Roses from Last Summer

Diana Taylor McCarty in Minnesota writes:

We are way behind in growing and blooming here in Minnesota. 
                                             Diana's Iris                                             

Have no idea what happened to the crocus and Jonquil but I have this one tall tulip.  This is in an east facing window under an overhang and close to the house.  Typically I have nice spring growth here but not this year.

Cousin Norma Bruscani also in upstate New York shared this picture:

My brother Chris Kinsella in Cicero, New York has color in his yard:

My sister in Japan, Beth Kinsella Sakanishi sends the picture below and writes:

Here are some irises at the garden designed by the most famous (14th c.) zen gardener in Japanese history, in the temple built to remember the souls of the dead from the Mongol Invasions. 

 Mom and Dad, aka Aunt CB and Uncle Jack sent this spring pictures:

And, my sister Sue Kinsella took a trip to the Southwest this April. She shared these pictures of an early spring there:

Memorial Day is almost upon us. Enjoy your long weekend and Happy Spring!