Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Doris and Lucille’s Bedroom—Amazing Sights? By Lucille Taylor Kinsella

At 30 West Street, Geneva, in the early to mid 1930’s Doris and I shared a bedroom, while baby Harold slept in a crib in Mom’s room. Our bed, a double one, had a head board with a slot about six inches high between the mattress and the top of the bedstead, so we could peek into Mom’s room. As the only bathroom was way at the back of the house, and we were in front, a pot was placed in front of our door for the convenience of guests.

This did not escape the notice of Doris and I, and many amazing scenes were viewed, in silence, of course.

However, when Uncle Dell and Aunt Nell visited, and he proceeded to fill the pot, practically under our noses, we simply could not believe what we saw!! The man must have had a testicular hernia, and we almost split our side, laughing quietly!! That was the first of many times we ‘almost died’!

And, in this same bedroom, down near the baseboard, there were large cracks in the plaster and wallpaper. Picked away, could be seen, little pockets behind the baseboard. That is where Doris would shove my paper dolls when she got mad at me. We so often wished we’d been around when they tore down 30 West Street to garner them!

Picture One: Back of 30 West Street, with the Taylor Kids


Anonymous said...

Hilarious !! I darn near split a gut laughing -picturing the sights that Doris and Lucille must have seen from their bedroom.

Judy said...

That was a great story and yes,
you can see Aunt CB and Aunt Doris
peeking but how you kept quiet...I
don't know how, I was laughing just
hearing about it!!
Love your stories,always Judy

cb said...

to all who read these stories! When I wrote these up I did not realize that the whole world was going to read them! I thought only to let my kids read them!! Now that you ALL know that I pee indescriminately and peek the same, I guess you are ALL my kids!! Love you all Aunt CB