Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Latest From Joyce on Ron Henderson

Just a quick line that Ron is coming along.

He had the staples out of his head on Friday and saw the foot doctor last night. Concern over the left foot- still very swollen- no feeling in parts of his foot and several blood blisters.He is back on antibiotics- but he is determined to move about now-his left foot pains him the most.

He is doing good with the crutches. He actually drove over here this morning-short drive- his gas foot has the broken toes- black toe nail and stitches but he has a shoe boot for that foot. He got here okay and had permission to drive from the doctor- if he felt he could- doing short distances.

He really was getting quite bored. I took him to the drugstore after he got here. He is certainly one lucky and determined man. He wants to thank everyone for all the cards and well wishes.

He is certainly like his Dad, no sitting around for long-he likes to be on the move and doing things.He realizes it is going to be a little while yet before he can go back to work- so thank you everyone for all your prayers and hopefully his left foot comes along okay.

lol Joyce


Nance said...


So glad to hear about Ron's progress. Sounds like he has a lot of that survival stamina our family is great for. Time and patience -- it will all get better.

Much love--

Nancy, your Florida cousin

Sue Kinsella said...

When I think of a big construction pipe heading for Ron's head and the disaster that could so easily have meant . . . Wow, so glad he got away with fairly minor injuries!

My left foot sends sympathies to his. That's the ankle I broke and I still, after two years, have difficulties with that foot. Different problem, I know, but it taught me how much our whole bodies depend on our feet.

Wishing Ron continued rapid recovery, and the opportunity to use this time off to do some unexpected fun things.