Monday, September 7, 2009

September Birthdays: Part Two

Let’s start with the oldest,
Olive ( Aunt Nell to Ethel, Adin, Ruth and Lil) Baker Barrows, born in 1863—whoosh, what a time THAT was for our country.

Esther Lochner’s Family has Uncle Dick --- Richard Edward Lochner, Charles Edward Lochner, and James Andrew Lochner (Ted’s son)

Ruth Maney’s Family has: Lorraine Librartore Maney (Mickey’s wife) and Patrick Michael Maney (son of Dan)

Picture One:Aunt Nell, 1886
Picture Two: Uncle Dick, 1969
Picture Three: Uncle Harold and Chuck Lochner
Picture Four: Jimmy Lochner
Picture Five: Patrick and Sean Maney

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