Thursday, September 24, 2009

An Update on Rob Taylor, By Nance

Rob has been moved to Florida Hospital's Rehab center on the beachside, he can even go out on the roof patio and see the ocean (from a wheelchair with family members). So that's been tranquil for him. However, he can't get over the fact that this is an old people's nursing home (because it's mostly older people rehabbing there), and he has a roommate that is 84 and recouping from his 2nd heart surgery. But he thinks dearly of Rob and their whole family adores him, so that's made it better. Rob is always offering to help.

Both of them go thru some of the rehabbing together. Rob has 3 different rehab sessions: speech, occupational, and physical therapies. He will be in rehab for about 7-10 days and then will go over to Cynthia's to stay and the whole family will take turns staying with him there and helping him with his therapy. A lot of it I can do because it is part of my neuro-muscular re-education that I have done with my patients, and it is somewhat similar.

Curt has given Rob a butch haircut, so his whole head looks the same now, he's back to his cleancut ivy league look, and the sideways "C" scar (his Colts scar, he can't wait till the scar is gone as the Colts is not his favorite team) is starting to lose the welting in part of it and starting to disappear slowly but surely. He is gaining more and more movement in the left leg but still has a ways to go yet.

The whole family has had some real good discussions with Rob about "moderation" and "patience", and we are all strongly behind him in all of his efforts. We have all been amazed at how much progress he has shown in just the week and a half since all of this began, and we try to tell him every chance we get to reinforce what he is doing. He's an amazing young man!

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