Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Want to Contact Your Cousin Rob?

Nancy writes:

For anyone who would like to send Rob a note of their own (I have forwarded him a copy of all of them that have come to me), here is his email address -- only Rob could come up with this!

Rob Taylor --

He has already let me know that he is Rob, not Robbie.....

Florida Hospital Memorial Medical Center
301 Memorial Parkway
Daytona Beach, FL 32117
Room #613

Rob has been moved out of ICU into the Medical Progressive Care Unit where he has started some rehab. He will "walk" again for about 20 minutes (this floor has all the railings along the walls to accomplish this) this afternoon with his therapist. He has to retrain his mind to move his muscles on the left side, and right now most all he can do is to drag his left leg. But he is determined to make this rehab work for him. He is so proud of his scar on the back of his head, it's like an upside down "U" -- I can't remember which football team he said it signified (he and Curtis are so into football).

From this hospital, Rob will be moved to the beachside rehab center affiliated with the hospital, or they found a stroke rehab center down in South Orlando. When I get that address, whichever it is, I'll send it also.

And, More Pictures courtesy of Barb:

Picture One: Jacob and Mickey (Aunt Nancy's daughter's daughter)
Picture Two: Jacob Robert (Barb’s son)
Picture Three: Casey Robert (Rob’s son)
Picture Four: Curt, Jake, Rob and Casey (Memorial Day 09)
Picture Five: Barb, Jake and Chris

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