Tuesday, February 13, 2018

Happy Valentine’s Day! By Pat Kinsella Herdeg

 Jack and CB Kinsella, September 3rd, 1949

Mom and Dad, also known as John and CB Kinsella, have been walking this grand earth of ours for over nine decades, and have been together for almost seven of those decades.

So, I think they deserve to be celebrated on this Valentine’s Day! 

Jack and CB Kinsella, August 2009

CB and Jack, June 2011
Happy Valentine's Ma and Pa! 

As I searched for an Irish Blessing, I found this one:

May you escape the gallows, avoid distress, and be as healthy as a trout.

Hmmm. Well, perhaps this one is better:

Go n-eirí an t-ádh leat

Literally meaning 'That luck may rise with you' 

Thinking of you, Mom and Dad, on this special day of love.

And, one of our frequent blog writers also loves Valentine's Day. And for good reason! Keep Reading:

Engagement By Evelyn Laufer Taylor

On Valentine’s Day, February 14, 1942, my uncle Lew was married in a small  ceremony in the rectory of a Catholic church.  The reception was held at the Hotel Rochester.  Bryant came home from school that weekend, so the affair was a double treat for me.

After the reception, Bryant and I left to go to the movies.  On the way, we stopped at Bowker's ice cream stand for an ice cream cone, or so I thought. However, Bryant had something else in mind as he gave me my diamond engagement ring.  What a special Valentine that was!

There was no formal proposal of, "Will you marry me?" I guess from the very first, we took this for granted.  I was surprised because he was a college student and I never dreamed he could afford a ring.

Evelyn and Bryant Taylor, October 9th, 1942

Will you believe that after this whole exciting day, we went to the movies, like people with tunnel vision?  I do not remember what we saw.  In fact, we sat way up in the balcony, and I am sure we were not aware of anyone except each other.

That night when I got home, rather late, my mom who was sleeping on the davenport in my room because the house was full of wedding guests, was suddenly awakened by me  --   a very excited girl, flashing her ring.  After realizing what I was telling her, Mom showed pleasure but really no surprise.

I guess it had been obvious to all how we felt about each other!

Thanks, Evelyn!

Happy Valentine’s Day to all the cousins!


Thursday, January 18, 2018

Happy Birthday, Evelyn Taylor!

Evelyn Taylor

From Pat Kinsella Herdeg, Blog Editor:
Readers of this cousins blog know Evelyn well. She has written many of our family history stories throughout the decade we have been writing about ‘a-cousining’ and family history and what we all are up to.

I am so grateful to have Evelyn as my partner in crime as I continue to come with ideas for this blog. Her ideas (Favorite Cars, Favorite Pets, and Favorite Places to Visit) have led to some of our most interactive stories.

Thank you, Evelyn, and Happy Birthday!

Lance, son of Evelyn writes:

Best Mom! Best Friend Ever !!!

Pam, daughter of Evelyn writes:

What I love about Mom is:

  • ·        She is independent.

  • ·        She is willing to try / explore new things even at 95 years of age. Recently I asked her to celebrate the full moon with me. We went outdoors at 7 that night and drummed to the full moon --- connecting with people around the world.

  • ·        Patriotic - flies her flag and insists it not be tattered

  • ·        Traditions, especially Christmas ones, are important to her

  • ·        Mom sets a beautiful table (Editor Pat can attest to this; loved the lunch she and my Mom CB Taylor Kinsella and I all shared)

  • ·        A fun travel companion

  • ·        People are important to her - family, friends, those in need

  • ·        Keeps up with technology - Kindle, smartphone, email, facebook, Internet searching

  • ·        She has a fantastic memory - keeps up with her kids’ doctor appointments to remembering stories from her childhood to our last travel experience

  • ·        Nobody can beat her cooking and baking (apple pie, sour cream cookies, pecan rolls, angel food cake); although if she gives you a recipe - watch out. Mom has been known to leave out key ingredients!

  • ·        Loves to entertain - parties, ladies teas, quiet gatherings

  • ·        Loves to read

  • ·        Loves her family

  • ·        Loves to dance - with my dad, Bryant

·        And lastly, tries to understand me - often shakes her head - but, always loves me.

Shiloh, granddaughter of Evelyn writes:

Shiloh and Evelyn

Dear Nanny,

Wow! 96 years of having fabulous you in our lives. Living in New Zealand until recently, most of my memories of you involve phone calls, taped messages that we would eagerly listen to on the cassette tape recorder (vintage !!!!) and fantastically written "memories" stories sent over email, however I do remember that trip you and Grandpa took to visit us. Among many other things, you let hyperactive, cold-feeted grandchildren jump into bed with you bright and early in the mornings. 

Since moving to Toronto I have been lucky to spend more time with you. I always enjoy watching your favourite movies with you (Splendour in the Grass!) and eagerly gobbling up those cinnamon rolls that I used to request each time I visited....until the time we made them together and I realized just how much work they were!!!!!

Happy birthday Nanny! Sending you lots of love on your special day.

Shiloh xx

Lance, Evelyn, Pam, Mitch and Bryant

Lucille (CB) Taylor, first cousin to Bryant writes:
Evelyn is such an amazing and creative person. One of my first memories of her is going over to Bryant and her home. In their bathroom, three of the walls were white and one was black. Evelyn had put out a white marking pencil, and everyone who wanted to added thoughts or sayings to the wall. I had never seen anything like that—so fun!
Eve also is a wondrous seamstress, making Pam’s wedding dress, which was so lovely.
I really got to know Eve (pronounced like ‘Evie’) during Bryant’s last illness. Lance, their oldest son, interrupted his life to return home and help with his father’s hospice care. I would drive down from Rochester and take Eve out to lunch to give her a change of scenery. During those many luncheon talks, we became very close.
Over the years, Eve and I have continued to hang together, through thick and thin, using emails and now phone calls. She is an only child. When my three sisters were gone, I missed our sisters’ back and forth. So, Eve graciously became my adopted sister, and I know she feels the same. 
Happy Birthday, Sis!