Friday, February 27, 2009

Annie's Funeral, By Chuck Lochner

Most of you got this email from Chuckie, but for those who did not, his words, and some of his pictures.

Thank you Chuckie!!

"All- Here are the photos I was able to take yesterday. The visiting hours were 2 to 5 followed by a memorial service followed by a dinner. Aunt CB and Uncle Jack were able to make it, but couldn't stay with CB's vertigo problem.

Annie was a high impact person ... every one liked her a lot. Hundreds of people showed up. The line ran through the entire service area down the hall and outside. The guest book was expanded twice. Family, friends, neighbors, relatives, school mates, teachers from high school and the culinary institute (in uniform), coworkers ... the parking lot filled and they were allowed to use two adjoining business parking lots.

The memorial service was at 5PM. A family friend made remarks which were wonderful. Story about Annie's solo in a school play which sparkled and Steve had not known about until she was on stage ... it brought down the house. The dinner afterwards was warm and friendly; about fifty people. I wanted the kid's table, but it was full of kids. They had a good time as they should. Annie's tissues were donated and she lives on ... "

Vignette, By Aunt CB

Aunt CB and Uncle Jack did get to Annie's funeral yesterday, and Dad took a picture of one of the pictures of Annie.

Aunt CB/Mom writes:

It happened at the 1992 or 1993 Taylor Reunion. The weather, for a change was good, sunny and warm. All the little kids were raring around, playing as usual hide and seek or chasing one another. Then, all of a sudden, across the open field to the right of the cottage, came trundling along 4 year old Annie Hawkes, "wheel barrowing" her 7 year old cousin, Matt Kinsella! It was all she could do to keep his legs up under her arms while he "wheeled" along with his arms but her grin was as wide as Cayuga Lake! Those two got along like a house afire!

I see from the pictures taken as she grew up and shown at the Funeral Home that she never lost that grin!

Thursday, February 26, 2009

Annie Hawkes

This morning, our deepest thoughts, prayers, and hugs go out to the entire Hawkes family.

Annie Madore Hawkes, Steve’s daughter and granddaughter of Aunt Doris, died on February 22nd, after a car accident on February 12th.

Twenty years old, Annie was a 2008 graduate with honors from the Culinary program at Erie Community College.

Daughter of Steven and Michele Hawkes, Annie was also the loving sister of Arnon, Stephanee, and Jason (Laurel) Hawkes, and aunt to Tyler, Ryleigh, and Lucy.

Please think of them, or send a special prayer their way today, as the wake will be Thursday from 2-5PM at the Amigone Funeral Home, and the funeral service will be held there at 5PM.

We hope to follow up at a later time with pictures and stories about Annie.

Picture: Annie Hawkes with Michael Soltiz at the 2006 Sr. Ball

Sunday, February 22, 2009

Wendell Henderson By Kathryn Wood Barron

As I started to write about Wendell, I realized something. While I knew him well, some of the cousins reading this did not. Big bummer for you. Wendell was the best. He managed to fit in between my generation and my Mom’s generation, fitting in each. In many ways, Wendell was the bridge between, and the glue.

Wendell was raised by our Grandparents. Mostly by our Grandmother, Lillian Howland. As long as I can remember, he worked on farms. He lived in the house in Center Lisle, and in the store until it was sold. After that, Grandma bought the farm from Uncle Adin for Wendell. We (The Wood family) lived on the farm at that time, so Grandma had my father (Lester) put in an inside bathroom. That was a lot better than the outhouse we used for years! Grandma gave my Mom the house in Center Lisle, so we moved there and Grandma and Wendell moved up on the hill. Wendell set out and made it a modern farm. He was a real farmer.

Wendell was always a big part of our family. Ma loved him like a brother and a son. My Mom, Gladys, was thirteen when he was born. She spent the next few years with him as a 'little brother'. She also practiced her mothering skills on him. She told me once that it was like he was her first baby. Being second, the slip to third was no big deal. After all, Wendell was worth it! Ma called him ‘Wen-dell-ie” a lot. When she had her youngest daughter, she named her after him. My baby Sis is named Wendy Lee. Sound it out.

When I was a teenager, I introduced him to my friend, Joyce Tillotson. Joyce’s family had a farm outside of Center Lisle and were great. The summer they started dating was a lot of fun. I was dating a guy that worked for Wendell so we double dated. We went to every County fair around. We went to Drive-in movies too. I mentioned that in an earlier post. Wendell was the only one with a license, so when we got there he yelled ‘seat change’ and he and Joyce went to the back, we went to the front. Wendell made sure we didn’t do anything! Joyce and Wendell got married one week after Joyce and I graduated from Whitney Point. It will be 40 years ago this June 28. They got married on my parents’ 24th anniversary, and my 18th birthday. It’s real easy to remember that date!

He was always there and I always knew that he loved me. Much of the time, when I went to New York to visit, I stayed on the farm. It was my home in New York and it still is. When I visited the farm, I cooked with Wendell a lot. We worked together real well. He was in charge and ordered me around. He was a real good cook too! His breakfasts were feasts! We made bacon, hash browns, eggs, and toast. With coffee of course. Milk for creamer. I know that he worked at the pancake breakfasts in Lisle too. After Bob Taylor died, Wendell got me to make cucumber sandwiches for the reunion, because Bob had brought them to reunions. A tribute to Bob, thought of by Wendell.

The day Wendell died, he spent at his daughter Kathleen’s with her and her two boys. Wendell loved his family. He was so proud of his children and loved the Grandchildren with all his heart. Joyce was the partner for him. Truly, his ‘other half’. No ivory tower for her, she worked alongside him on the farm. He loved her completely. He was devoted to his family.

Wendell had a great sense of humor. At Wendell’s funeral, his daughter Kathleen spoke. She started with, "hi boys and squirrels". It was perfect! Wendell had many “Wendell-isims” for all things. He would tell you to 'take a number and step aside'. Eggs were cackle berries. When it was nippy out he called it nippley. You were pointed to the butter and told to grease your toast. Donuts were dog-nuts. Catsup was cat soup. Salt and pepper was salt and . . . . maybe I better leave that one off. All with a straight face. Wendell worked a farm and was well grounded.

My Mom and I used to have ‘mock arguments’ about Wendell. We both decided to claim him as our brother. She would say that he was HER brother. I would say that he was MINE. (Side note- yes I DO realize that he is Helen, Dawn, Rhoda, and Annie’s brother.) Anyhow, Ma and I loved those mock arguments as much as we both loved Wendell. When she died, My Mom left a token amount of money to each of her children in her will. To Chic, to me, to Gail, to Michael, to Laurel, to Wendy, . . . . AND . . . . to Wendell.

HA! So there, Ma!!!! I win!! That proves that Wendell is MY BROTHER!!
They are probably together, laughing at that right now.

Picture One: Wendell and Lil, August 15, 1954
Picture Two: Wendy Lee and Wendell
Picture Three: Wendell and Dylan, Kathleen's oldest, August 2003
Picture Four: Chic, Wendell, Gail and Kathryn, 1955
Picture Five: Wendell and Joyce Henderson, sandwiched by their children, David, Kathleen, Ron; August 8, 2004

Pictures Taken by Kathryn, Wendy and Laurie.

Friday, February 20, 2009

Weather around Cousin Country

February 20th, 2009, Time 11:22AM, Massachusetts time -

February can be dreary, snowy, rainy, and although a short month, can seem to stretch on forever as some of us look forward to the coming warmth and stronger sunlight of spring.

So, in hopes of hurrying along the next season, and to point out that while we are enjoying the same cousins’ blog online, our ‘outside the window weather’ can be quite different, here are some temperatures and forecasts:

Sue Kinsella (daughter of Aunt CB) in Novato, California (near San Francisco): Sunny and 46 degrees.

Judy Taylor Alberts (daughter of Uncle Harold) in Seattle, Washington: Foggy, 34 degrees.

Nancy Taylor Wright (daughter of Uncle Arnon) in Lake Helen, Florida: Sunny, 51 degrees.

Richard, Michael and Daniel Maney (sons of Aunt Ruth) in Geneva, New York: Windy, 21 degrees, feels like 5 degrees.

Diana McCarty (daughter of Uncle Arnon) in Buffalo, Minnesota: Partly cloudy, 18 degrees, feels like 11 degrees.

Julie Lochner Riber (daughter of Aunt Esther) in Louviers, Colorado: Fair (what does that mean?) and 47 degrees.

Mitch Taylor (son of Bryant Taylor, grandson of Floyd Taylor who is twin to Lloyd) in Dunedin, New Zealand: Rain, 55 degrees.

Kathryn Wood Barron (daughter of Gladys, granddaughter of Aunt Lil on Baker side) in Kent, Ohio: Mostly cloudy, 21 degrees, feel like 7 degrees.

Pat Kinsella Herdeg (daughter of Aunt CB) in Acton, Massachusetts: Sun with clouds, 26 degrees, but feels like 13 degrees.

Beth Kinsella Sakanishi (daughter of Aunt CB) in Chiba, Japan: Partly cloudy, 41 degrees, feels like 36 degrees.

Well, I confess I thought we would have a wider range of temperatures. Florida does not sizzle like I expected it to!

Any cousins that I have missed in other climates that I should include in the next Cousin Country Weather? Let me know!!

Monday, February 16, 2009

Calling All Motorcycling Cousins! By Mitch Taylor

I have been viewing the Taylor Baker cousins blog. I am Bryant Taylor's son Mitch and have been living in New Zealand since 1974.

I have been home to LeRoy, NY a few times over the years as my mother Evelyn is still there and my brother Lance is in Batavia.I will be coming over with my wife Rhonda in July for three weeks.

Have recently got back into motorcycling after many years and wonder if there are any other enthusiasts in the clan. I recently did a 1400km solo trip around the South Island of New Zealand where I live and it was an outstanding experience: Open roads, low traffic and outstanding mountain lake and seascape views all in a very compact area. Would love to blog with some American motorcyclists in the extended family and maybe even meet up in July.

Any family member planning a trip to New Zealand has a place to stay here. My address is 56 Woodhaugh st., Dunedin, New Zealand and email address is Feel free to contact me.

Cheers, Mitch

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Happy Almost President's Day!

Trying to fix a bug in this blog, so--a new post, but we are here on the coast of Maine and have no pictures or story until we get home tomorrow!

So, IF this works and you CAN see this post and the one below it--i.e. text and not blank space, then we have succeeded, and on Monday, I will put up a post from our Taylor Cousin, Mitch, from New Zealand.

And, Hope all had a great Valentine's Day!


P.S. Wells Beach in February is cold, but still beautiful, and GREAT to walk on!

Monday, February 9, 2009

Grandma’s Porch By Aunt CB

For any of us fortunate enough to have been familiar with this scene, no explanations are needed. That includes any of Ethel’s kids, Lil’s kids and assorted grandkids.

To others—this is a 1930's shot of the front porch of 1183 Caldwell Hill, Center Lisle, NY, home then of Kate Youngs Baker and her son Adin. Today it is home to Joyce Henderson, widow of Wendell, who was Lil’s grandson, Kate’s great grandson. Just to look at the picture evokes all kinds of memories!

The hollyhocks to the right of the steps that we made dolls with, and just behind them, on the porch, sitting on a series of wooden bench “steps” were Grandma’s plants, mostly geraniums, that she’d grown from slips begged from friends. Beautiful brilliant red ones, salmon pink, frosty pink and white. All lovingly planted and cared for in tin cans! ( I seldom saw any clay pots there.)

To the left can be seen one rocking chair, usually there were two or three and even some straight back chairs if needed. These were all in use every evening after supper dishes were done and kitchen work was suspended.. Picture a hot summer evening, dusk falling, the drone of “Katydids” in the background cut occasionally by a “click” as a moth drew too close to the porch light, small kids lined up on those steps, quietly picking at the scabs on their bare feet caused by walking on hot Macadam roads or running around in the front yard with a jam jar and cover, trying to catch fireflies—Oh, how I wish I could go back for an evening.

Neighborhood news, family items, Center Lisle Gossip, all were mulled over here. Family excursions were planned and days set aside for the “youngens” to go “help” Adin in the woodlot across the road.

Yes, there was another step to reach the porch— drive in the driveway to the left of this picture, and find an inverted gravestone base, a discard from the cemetery. That’s the one we hopped on when we came from the milk house.

And note the screen door! Always a bit ajar, every fly in Christendom met there and entered, hopefully to be glued to one of Grandma’s fly tapes. Farms with animals breed flies endlessly.

Absent from the picture is the wooden barrel to the left of the steps positioned to catch rain water, especially good for washing hair.

I’m not sure Grandma and Adin ever knew how much they gave us in those visits. A place to retreat to in our minds whenever life became too hectic, a “Quiet Place” for a lifetime. I’m sure we stirred up their lives while we were there—but I’ll never forget that porch!

Picture One:Grandma's Porch on Caldwell Rd., Center Lisle,NY
Picture Two: Grandma Baker taken March 2, 1952, her 88th birthday. She is holding a cake made by her granddaughter, Sylva Howland Emhof

Sunday, February 1, 2009

February Birthdays!! Part One:

Hello Cousins!! SuperBowl Sunday—February First!!

Some of us will be actively rooting for Arizona or Pittsburgh today, and some of us will be watching for the unique commercials, and some of us will be watching for The Boss, or as Saturday Night Live informed us last night, Arizona and Pittsburgh will be warming up for Bruce Springsteen tomorrow.

But, all of us Baker/Taylor Cousins have a full month to celebrate these wonderful people born into our lives in this, the shortest month.

In Esther Lochner’s Family, we have Ricky and Julie and Brian, son of Ted, as birthday kids.
In Doris Hawkes’ Family, we have Morgan, Cindy’s granddaugther.

Picture One: Brian Lochner, December 2008
Picture Two: Charlie Hawkes and Rick Lochner, Taylor Reunion Picture Three: Cindy Hawkes Gabrys and Julie Lochner Riber
Picture Four: Morgan

February Birthdays!! Part Two:

In Harold’s Family, we have Abigail, Kathy’s grand-daughter, Mallory, Judy’s daughter, and Ann has both of her children as February babies, Jessica and Elliot.

Picture One: Jessica and Elliot
Picture Two: Abigail
Picture Three: Mallory

February Birthdays!! Part Three:

In the Lucille Kinsella Family, Susan and Beth’s husband, Takeshi are February Birthdays.
In Ruth Maney’s Family, Kathleen, Richard’s daughter, has a birthday.
On the Baker’s Side, we have Uncle Dell and Wendell Henderson to celebrate.

Picture One:
Uncle Dell Barrows
Picture Two: Kathleen at Taylor Reunion (Or Picture Three, depending on how your computer handles these pictures!)
Picture Three: Wendell
Picture Four: Takeshi and P-Chan
Picture Five: Alex, Susan and Tom Kinsella, Muir Woods, Christmas Day 2008