Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Rob's progress and an address for card: By Nance

Rob is over at Florida Hospital Beachside Rehab in Ormond right now, and as soon as they release him from there, which he really wants to stay long enough to take advantage of the 3 therapies he gets on a daily basis (speech, occupational, and physical) until he feels confident enough as he may not be able to have some of the same therapies on an out-patient basis, then he will be going over to my daughter Cynthia's house to stay until he can get back into living by himself at Curtis's condo in Ormond. We will all help with having someone around him at all times while at Cynthia's.

So for the time being, he does really enjoy getting cards (the funnier the better, but he enjoys the ones that give him hope to look forward to, whatever) and he does put them up on his wall for him to see at all times, so if anyone would like to send a card, you can send it to my address for now as I go over to Rehab daily to sit with him and Barb while she's here this week before she returns to Tennessee this next weekend. We go out on the roof patio and sometimes chat with a couple of the other patients that are out there with their families also, but the food has been so awful that Barb and Curt when he was down here last week will usually bring him some food they cooked at home or gotten at a restaurant (not fast food) for him and they all eat together.

Part of his occupational therapy was to make himself breakfast for him and the therapist the other morning (he was quite proud of himself--waffles, all 20 of them, and bacon and eggs -- he feels like he's back to his culinary self). And they have him playing pool, or checkers games with the therapist to see what his coordination (mind and body) skills are progressing to with the left side. And he's into Sudoku games, so I got him a book and myself a book, and when he starts one of the games he'll tell me which number page it is and I'll try to do the same one. He's had more experience at this than I have, so maybe he can teach me a few things along the way as he is relearning some of his mind-challenging developments again.

My address is: 423 John Street, Lake Helen, FL 32744

I have said it before, and he keeps proving me right -- but this is one amazing young man. So determined to keep his life on the straight and narrow now and get up and over his obstacles, but to try to make sure he's doing it right.

Love to you all -- to those of you that I saw at the Family Reunion, as usual it was so great seeing all of you and experiencing your love and blessing of all of our lives. And delving into some memories has always been fun....till next year....

Love -- Nance

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Latest From Joyce on Ron Henderson

Just a quick line that Ron is coming along.

He had the staples out of his head on Friday and saw the foot doctor last night. Concern over the left foot- still very swollen- no feeling in parts of his foot and several blood blisters.He is back on antibiotics- but he is determined to move about now-his left foot pains him the most.

He is doing good with the crutches. He actually drove over here this morning-short drive- his gas foot has the broken toes- black toe nail and stitches but he has a shoe boot for that foot. He got here okay and had permission to drive from the doctor- if he felt he could- doing short distances.

He really was getting quite bored. I took him to the drugstore after he got here. He is certainly one lucky and determined man. He wants to thank everyone for all the cards and well wishes.

He is certainly like his Dad, no sitting around for long-he likes to be on the move and doing things.He realizes it is going to be a little while yet before he can go back to work- so thank you everyone for all your prayers and hopefully his left foot comes along okay.

lol Joyce

Saturday, September 26, 2009

More Taylor Reunion and Baker Reunion Photos!

Hello Cousins!!

Check out the right side and look down until you see the link to 'Taylor and Baker Reunion'.

Baker Cousins:
Under Baker Reunion, you will find here the great pictures you have already seen taken by Laurel, Chuck, Ted and Sue. But, Sue's folder on has LOTS more pictures of the event--take a look again, if you have already looked.

And, Sue has a terrific short video of the hay ride, for those of you whose computer is fast enough--just a brief way to feel a part of the laughing hubbub that no doubt went on that day!

And, for the Taylors, we have pictures of this September's reunion, taken by both Chuck and Uncle Jack--thank you very much to both of them.

And, for the truly eagle eye, I have combined the Taylor and Baker Genealogies into one folder, but all the information is the same.

Enjoy!! and Love to all,


Thursday, September 24, 2009

An Update on Rob Taylor, By Nance

Rob has been moved to Florida Hospital's Rehab center on the beachside, he can even go out on the roof patio and see the ocean (from a wheelchair with family members). So that's been tranquil for him. However, he can't get over the fact that this is an old people's nursing home (because it's mostly older people rehabbing there), and he has a roommate that is 84 and recouping from his 2nd heart surgery. But he thinks dearly of Rob and their whole family adores him, so that's made it better. Rob is always offering to help.

Both of them go thru some of the rehabbing together. Rob has 3 different rehab sessions: speech, occupational, and physical therapies. He will be in rehab for about 7-10 days and then will go over to Cynthia's to stay and the whole family will take turns staying with him there and helping him with his therapy. A lot of it I can do because it is part of my neuro-muscular re-education that I have done with my patients, and it is somewhat similar.

Curt has given Rob a butch haircut, so his whole head looks the same now, he's back to his cleancut ivy league look, and the sideways "C" scar (his Colts scar, he can't wait till the scar is gone as the Colts is not his favorite team) is starting to lose the welting in part of it and starting to disappear slowly but surely. He is gaining more and more movement in the left leg but still has a ways to go yet.

The whole family has had some real good discussions with Rob about "moderation" and "patience", and we are all strongly behind him in all of his efforts. We have all been amazed at how much progress he has shown in just the week and a half since all of this began, and we try to tell him every chance we get to reinforce what he is doing. He's an amazing young man!

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Kelly and Blake Roggow: A Hawkes Wedding!

Charlie Hawkes sends pictures of Kelly Walker's wedding on Saturday, September 19th, 2009 to Blake Roggow. He called it an "awesome wedding"!

Kelly is Cindy Hawkes Gabrys' daughter.
Picture One: The Bride and Groom, Kelly Walker and Blake Roggow
Picture Two: Cindy
Picture Three: Cameron Towlson ( grandson of Cindy) with Eowyn Colley (graddaughter of Charles).
Picture Four: Stephanee Blum (daughter of Steven)
Picture Five: Sean Towlson (son in law of Cindy) with daughter Morgan Towlson (granddaughter of Cindy).
Congratulations to Kelly and Blake!

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Taylor Reunion, 2009: By Pat Kinsella Herdeg, Pictures by Jack Kinsella

Great reunion—Thanks to Kathy and Annie, and Uncle Harold, of course, for doing the tough work of hosting, again!!

The day was sunny and warm, and only became cool as the wind came up and the sun decided to disappear. But, the food was terrific, and the desserts were gone way too soon.

Lots of games and discussions and pictures shown and stories told—so good to see everyone again and at least get and give a hug to all of you.

Love you all!!

Picture One: Uncle Harold
Picture Two: Chris, Patrick, Maggie, Sara, Maddy
Picture Three: Gordy and Jeff
Picture Four: Jess
Picture Five: The Maneys—Mike, Lorraine, Jon and Jill

Thursday, September 17, 2009

From Joyce Henderson about Ron, her Son

Hi Pat, I just wanted to let the family know Ron, my son was hurt yesterday at work.

He works for the Town of Lisle Highway Department. He is going to be out of work for a while. He is very fortunate he was not more seriously hurt. He was hit by a 20 ft sluice pipe -20 inches in diameter.It probably weighed 800 to 1000 lbs. It goes across the road for drainage.He was of course wearing his hard hat and his steel toed shoes.He was hit in the head -his head was cut and his face was swollen and he landed in the ditch after he got hit -where the pipe was suppose to go- he was boarded from there and went by ambulance.

The left foot was sprained. The doctor said it was once of the worst sprains he had ever seen. The weight of the pipe split open the top of his left foot, but my god no broken bones in that foot- Maybe all that cows milk he drank when he was a kid helped.

On the right foot he has two broken toes. His shoe he was wearing on that foot was turned right around sideways. He received 4-5 staples in his head to close the wound.He was in a lot of pain at the hospital and the poor man actually was laying on some rocks that came with him when they boarded him. Of course they gave him shots for pain along with a tetanus. He is wearing a special boot for the right foot and a walking cast on his left. He spent the day in the emergency but they let him come home last night . He won't be driving etc for a while-so I or Kathleen will probably be taking him to doctor appointments next week.

If anyone would like to send him a card his address is 222 Oliver Road Lisle, New York 13797.

Just thought I would let the family know. He is a wonderful son and he helped me so much in getting everything ready for the reunion this year.

lol Joyce

I am praying for Robbie too. He is so young but apparently he is a fighter just like my Ron.

The New Hell’s Angels Recruits!

My, my, my….I just laughed and laughed and laughed at this email from Ma and Pa aka Aunt CB and Uncle Jack:

“ Your mother and I have been talking about our two cars lately. The main problem is that they take up so much room in the garage that we have little room for other important things like lawn tools, garbage bags and beer. We are also thinking green, so much better mileage would be great.
We happened to be discussing this with some friends from Lockport recently and they had a suggestion that met all our requirements. So check out the pictures to see the two new vehicles we are now proudly driving, much to the amazement of our neighbors!! Included is a picture of our Lockport friends.
Mom & Dad”

My brother Jim warned them: “Are we still driving you two to the Taylor Reunion or do you want to follow along on your motorcycles?

P.S. I don't want to see you two pulling stunts in front of our house for our wheelies or screeching tires!”

Thank you, Charlie and Mary Hawkes for creating this wonderful scene!

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Bob Taylor’s Kids

Some of us who have not seen Bob Taylor’s kids in years (decades??) have been trying to put together names and faces with the emails we’ve been reading.

Rob’s sister, Barb, has emailed some great pictures, which I include here so that we can all picture their family, in living color!!

Barb writes: "Thank you again for everyone's prayers. Rob is a fighter and I know he will prevail."

Picture One: Bob Taylor’s Kids--Rob and Curtis in front, Jennifer and Barb in the back
Picture Two: Curtis and Jessica
Picture Three: Rob and Jake (his nephew)
Picture Four: Barb and son Jacob
Picture Five: Jennifer, Rob, Barb and Tessa (Jen's daughter)

Want to Contact Your Cousin Rob?

Nancy writes:

For anyone who would like to send Rob a note of their own (I have forwarded him a copy of all of them that have come to me), here is his email address -- only Rob could come up with this!

Rob Taylor --

He has already let me know that he is Rob, not Robbie.....

Florida Hospital Memorial Medical Center
301 Memorial Parkway
Daytona Beach, FL 32117
Room #613

Rob has been moved out of ICU into the Medical Progressive Care Unit where he has started some rehab. He will "walk" again for about 20 minutes (this floor has all the railings along the walls to accomplish this) this afternoon with his therapist. He has to retrain his mind to move his muscles on the left side, and right now most all he can do is to drag his left leg. But he is determined to make this rehab work for him. He is so proud of his scar on the back of his head, it's like an upside down "U" -- I can't remember which football team he said it signified (he and Curtis are so into football).

From this hospital, Rob will be moved to the beachside rehab center affiliated with the hospital, or they found a stroke rehab center down in South Orlando. When I get that address, whichever it is, I'll send it also.

And, More Pictures courtesy of Barb:

Picture One: Jacob and Mickey (Aunt Nancy's daughter's daughter)
Picture Two: Jacob Robert (Barb’s son)
Picture Three: Casey Robert (Rob’s son)
Picture Four: Curt, Jake, Rob and Casey (Memorial Day 09)
Picture Five: Barb, Jake and Chris

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

More on Rob's Progress, From His Siblings

Just a quick note on Rob. He has been moved to the PCU (Progressive Care Unit) and is doing great. Physical therapy went better than we thought it would. He walked with help about 20 feet or so. He has some muscle control in his upper left leg. The left side of his face still has partial paralysis. He is in high spirits and with lots of hard work and determination he will get through this.

Met with the neurosurgeon this morning and he gave the thumbs up on his recovery. As soon as a space is available at the rehab center, he can leave the hospital. Although I am not familiar with stroke recovery, I think it is remarkable the progress that Rob has shown in only a very few short days.

Curtis and Barb

Doris and Lucille’s Bedroom—Amazing Sights? By Lucille Taylor Kinsella

At 30 West Street, Geneva, in the early to mid 1930’s Doris and I shared a bedroom, while baby Harold slept in a crib in Mom’s room. Our bed, a double one, had a head board with a slot about six inches high between the mattress and the top of the bedstead, so we could peek into Mom’s room. As the only bathroom was way at the back of the house, and we were in front, a pot was placed in front of our door for the convenience of guests.

This did not escape the notice of Doris and I, and many amazing scenes were viewed, in silence, of course.

However, when Uncle Dell and Aunt Nell visited, and he proceeded to fill the pot, practically under our noses, we simply could not believe what we saw!! The man must have had a testicular hernia, and we almost split our side, laughing quietly!! That was the first of many times we ‘almost died’!

And, in this same bedroom, down near the baseboard, there were large cracks in the plaster and wallpaper. Picked away, could be seen, little pockets behind the baseboard. That is where Doris would shove my paper dolls when she got mad at me. We so often wished we’d been around when they tore down 30 West Street to garner them!

Picture One: Back of 30 West Street, with the Taylor Kids

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Latest on Rob

From Nance:

Glory Hallelulah!! Robbie is sitting up in a chair now, lifting up his LEFT leg (paralysis from the stroke was on his left side, no feeling) and getting feeling back to his LEFT side -- he is on a "soft" food diet for a bit.

We have so much to be thankful for, as I firmly believe that God had this happen for a reason -- to catch this in time and to show Rob that God wasn't ready to let him die just yet.

Thank you to everyone for keeping Rob in their prayers -- it sure seems to have worked!!!

Saturday, September 12, 2009

Rob Taylor and Maria Taylor—Let’s keep them in our Prayers

As many of you know, Rob Taylor, son of Bob Taylor, had a stroke on Friday. At age 35, this is a shock!

He is in a Florida hospital and has just come out of surgery. His aunt Nancy emails “Keep Rob in your prayers. So far as we can tell from what the doctors and nurses are telling us, the prognosis for Rob is good, it was caught in time, and it doesn't seem to be as much as they thought it possibly could be.

So tomorrow everyone is going to stagger their schedules to cover staying with Rob and cheer his recovery on. (To tell you the truth, we are a sorry looking bunch of people -- sleep deprived, a noisy, boisterous crowd trying to get thru the moment in the best way that we can!)”
--Nance, not sure when we WEREN’T a boisterous crowd, but we are all with you and Rob and family!!

And Cousin Diana writes tonight about her Mom: “My mom has taken a turn for the worse and is now in a nursing home and we'll see if they can rehab her out - and back to her apartment - she did make it back after her fractured pelvis but fell again and appears to have had some sort of TIA and has some diminished capacity, along with pneumonia.”

Thinking of both of them, and of everyone watching over them tonight.

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

September Birthdays: Part One

Happy Labor Day Weekend to everyone!

The traditional end of summertime—I remember driving home Labor Day Weekends in my youth feeling such sadness at the passing of summer--Otty Lake with its fishing, swimming, tanning on the raft, water wars, diving off the cliffs, adventuring through the pasture with our dog Corky, playing with all of us cove kids… And, this weekend, at least for our stretch of the country, had weather to remember! Hope all had a great time, where ever they were spending the long weekend.

September, besides being the beginning of the school year, also brings us terrific TaylorBaker Birthdays!

Doris’ Hawkes Family has Aunt Doris herself.

Phyllis’ Family has Robert Coleman ( married to Phyllis Howland), and Liam Asahel Marlatt, son of Kathleen Henderson, grandson of Wendell.

Glady’s Family has Sylvia Langstaff ( daughter of Kayte Barron Langstaff), Nance Wood Drumm born ( daughter of Lester Wood, son of Gladys), Daniel Decker (son of Laurel Decker, daughter of Gladys), and Gail L. Kinney ( Gladys’ daughter)

Sylva’s Family has Timothy Eugene Arnold ( Linda Emhof Arnold’s son)

Picture One: Sylvia
Picture Two: Dylan and Liam
Picture Three: Gail, Wendy,Sara and Audry, Top Row--James and Dan
Picture Four: Doris and Bud

Monday, September 7, 2009

September Birthdays: Part Two

Let’s start with the oldest,
Olive ( Aunt Nell to Ethel, Adin, Ruth and Lil) Baker Barrows, born in 1863—whoosh, what a time THAT was for our country.

Esther Lochner’s Family has Uncle Dick --- Richard Edward Lochner, Charles Edward Lochner, and James Andrew Lochner (Ted’s son)

Ruth Maney’s Family has: Lorraine Librartore Maney (Mickey’s wife) and Patrick Michael Maney (son of Dan)

Picture One:Aunt Nell, 1886
Picture Two: Uncle Dick, 1969
Picture Three: Uncle Harold and Chuck Lochner
Picture Four: Jimmy Lochner
Picture Five: Patrick and Sean Maney

September Birthdays: Part Three

Arnon’s Family has Maria Taylor (see the September First story), and Andrew Laurens Taylor born ( George’s son), Donald "Donnie" David Wright (son of Nancy Taylor Wright), Ashley Taylor Wright (Stephen's daughter, granddaughter of Nancy Taylor Wright)

Picture One: Maria and daughter Diana
Picture Two: Donnie and baby Graham
Picture Three: Jillian and Ashley

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Happy Birthday, Maria Nunes Taylor--Part One, By Diana Taylor McCarty

Today my mom - Maria Taylor turns 93. I doubt if any of you have seen some of these (except I would bet that I have Uncle Jack to thank for the copies and restoration of the OLD photo). The oldest picture is one of the earliest pictures of my mom her parents and her sister taken in America. My mother is standing on a chair (with her stockings sliding down) and if she looks like she is mad or pouting - she is. She remembers being not very compliant in that picture although maybe more what her mom told her about the photo because my mom is around 3. (Joseph Nunes, Maria Nunes, Florence Nunes, Alzira Nunes) For anyone who was at my wedding in 1973 my aunt and grandmother were both there. They emigrated from Portugal around 1918 during some periods of government upheaval.

The next picture is one that shows our parents and grandparents were once young and flirty too. I don't know the year but it's one of my favorites.

The next is a picture of Mom and Dad with Me (headband) Jim and Carol. (guessing at our ages I think 12, 15, 18 months) so probably about 1962-63.

Many may remember my mother had several beauty salons - including one in her home. For her professional license she had this portrait taken. As she got closer to retirement she also worked for the State of NY as an examiner for aspiring hairdressers and was for many years part of the International Hair Designers Guild. I remember that when Aunt Doris came for a perm - she would stay for a week - not much work got done but a lot of laughing, stories, and shopping. I used to joke with mom and tell her I thought perms only took 3 hours - but she did enjoy her family and friends.

Who are all those people and why are they dressed so funny? Every year in Minnesota they have a festival of nations with dancers, and food and exhibits of a variety of cultures and countries. The Portuguese Dancers from Winnipeg don't come every year - but the year that Dad died, they were on the program. So I thought I would cheer mom up and take her to see them and hoped for a picture. I had asked them if after they were done if I could get a picture with a nice couple that was part of the group. When they were done they grabbed the entire group and pulled her up on stage with them - wrapped a shawl around her and someone gave up his hat. They were talking Portuguese to her and she was telling them about her and where she was from and that she had recently lost her husband - lots of tears and laughter and hugs and blessings. It is a picture that she treasures. They have not come back since so was glad that I took her down for that experience.

The last picture I snapped on a visit to the Como Park Zoo and conservatory the beginning of August - we took our time and she made a very wide pass around the zoo docents with the snakes to avoid them but she enjoyed looking at the animals and flowers.

Happy Birthday Mom!

Happy Birthday, Maria Nunes Taylor--Part Two, By Diana

Maria Taylor’s Poems:

Warm Breezes, dancing leaves
humming, soothing melodies.
Birds back from distant places.
Children laughing, shining faces.

Summer is here with happy sounds,
Marching ants across the ground.
Joining in the barbecue
on the blanket next to you.

Soon summer fades away.
Autumn leaves briskly sway
in shades of red and gold,
passing days and nights get cold.

The fires crackling as we sit,
clicking needles as you knit.
Winter soon unfurls a blanket,
made of many flakes of snow.

I wandered to the top of a hill today
and looked to the valley below.
I saw the most beautiful hues
of green and gold.
Goldenrod –
As far as I could see.
nodding in the autumn breeze.
The sky so blue,
White, fleecy clouds in flight.
The birds gathering in clannish groups.
Jibing – chirping – chattering.
Suddenly, up in flight above the trees,
heading for their wintering home.
Oh, how I wish I too had wings,
to fly so free in the autumn breeze.

A trail made by an old railroad track,
led me into deep woods.
Moccasins damp with morning dew.
I saw the stump of a fallen tree,
that became my pew.
Listening to sounds around me, just to mention a few.
Croaking frogs – chirping birds.
Hidden sounds of bear and deer.
Many more could not be seen,
I could sense that they were near.
All sounds combined in harmony,
in God’s wilderness retreat.
Oh? The glorious scene and sounds
Peace and solitude I found.
All too soon the sun declined.
It was time for my return,
to a very busy world.

Mom was someone who skimped and saved,
no doubt went hungry many a day.
Mom cared for grandma until she died:
after that she worked twice as hard.
Time was not faraway
when the day arrived and we sailed away,
across the sea to the U.S.A.
Mom was determined that we would be free:
soon we would see the Lady of Liberty.
Each day I thank the Lord up high for Mom’s love and caring of sister and me.
Thank you, Mom, for all you gave
to keep us from becoming political slaves.