Sunday, November 30, 2008

December Birthdays!!

A new story—as you can guess, it will be monthly. I am putting the December birthdays into family groups, and with as many pictures as I can get of the Birthday Kids!

Bear with this birthday bash, and keep scrolling down; our free blogsite only lets me put up five pictures at one time.

In the Arnon Taylor family, we have Arnon and daughter Nancy, son George and his son, Adam, Diana’s husband, Bill and Jacob, Barbara's son, grandson of Bob Taylor.

In the Doris Hawkes family, we have Cindy’s husband, Joe, and Jonathan, son of Kristyne, grandson of Charlie Hawkes.

Picture One: CarolAnn, Arnon, Diana, Nancy
Picture Two: Jacob
Picture Three: Joe Gabrys
Picture Four: Bill
Picture Five: Jonathan

December Birthdays--More!

In the Harold Taylor family, we have daughter Kathy, Kathy’s daughter Yvonne, and MaryLou’s son, Matthew.

In the Esther Lochner family, we have only Esther herself this month--for more on the esteemable Esther Taylor Lochner ( 12/9), check back on her birthday.

Picture One: Yvonne and Tom
Picture Two: Kathy
Picture Three: Matthew, Jesse, Daniel Spear
Picture Four: Aunt Esther

December Birthdays--Bakers

In Gladys’ family, we have Wendy, daughter of Gladys, and Wendy's daughter, Sara. Also Allena, daughter of Beth, grand-daughter of Kathryn, great grand-daughter of Gladys.

More from Aunt Lil’s family, we have Frederick Emhof, Sylva’s husband, Dorothy Maffei, Leona’s daughter, and Kelly Renee Walker, daughter of Dawn, granddaughter of Phyllis. Also, Levi Wendell Henderson, son of David, grandson of Wendell, great grandson of Phyllis.
Picture One: Sara
Picture Two: Wendy
Picture Three: Freddy
Picture Four: Dorothy
Picture Five: Allena

December Birthdays--The Kinsellas

In the Lucille Kinsella family, we have Sue’s son Alex, Chris’ daughter, Maggie, and Jim’s daughter, Maddy.

Picture One: Alex Kinsella
Picture Two: Margaret Kinsella
Picture Three: Madeline Kinsella

December Birthdays

Continuing in the Aunt CB Family, we have sons Dan and Tom (notice born the same day, but different years), and Pat’s husband, Glenn.
Picture One: Glenn Herdeg
Picture Two: Tom Kinsella and Christi
Picture Three: Dan Kinsella

Saturday, November 22, 2008

Bryant C. Taylor 1922-1993 By Aunt CB

You faithful blog readers will remember the stories written for us by Eve Taylor, the wife of Bryant Taylor, son of Floyd Taylor, twin brother of Lloyd.

Eve wrote of being in Australia for the holidays, A Down Under Christmas, found on this blog under the May postings, The Home Front—WWII, on September 2nd, and A Pencil Behind My Ear, on August 19th.

Aunt CB has added to the Bryant tale:

They met on a blind date in May 1941. Evie was attending the U. of R., and to accommodate a friend, she agreed to the arrangement, although this type date was not quite to her taste. Her mother had made her a beautiful blue chiffon gown with black lace inserts on the long-skirt and a bolero jacket. This date was a formal dance. Her friend’s date had a cousin from LeRoy, who was attending Albany State College but unbeknownst to Evie, was willing to date because it was a chance for a free trip home. He also wanted to practice his dancing which he had been learning from the girls at the sorority house where he took care of the furnace.

The night arrived, and so did the two men. Evie saw this handsome curly haired fellow in a tux who handed her a gardenia corsage and heard him remark on her beautiful dress. Then they stepped out on the dance floor and she discovered that he was a superb dancer. They danced every dance until 4 am, never sat down and fell in love. They never fell out! They married one and a half years later.

That “handsome date” was my cousin, Bryant Taylor, youngest son of Floyd, my father’s twin. He was five years older than I was, but he was always a barrel of fun at any age. Growing up, the Taylors always had family dinners and picnics so that we cousins all knew one another well. Rexford, Bryant’s brother, was the more serious one, Bryant, the jokester.

This trait carried right through his life, full of adventure; Army Signal Corps in WWII, where he met the Pacific Ocean area, Hawaii, Philippines and Australia in preparation for the invasion of Japan where they expected 50% casualties. This, of course, never came about but his taste of Australia drew him back there years later with his family.
After the war he returned to LeRoy to his father’s store for a bit, then to share insurance business with him.

The court jester trait stayed with him though and served him well as he developed prostate cancer and then cancer of the colon. Visiting him during his hospice care, when his oldest son, Lance, and Evie cared for him at home, he’d take your hand lovingly, and roar as you jumped a mile for the buzzer he held in it went off with a tingle! He died in 1993 and the world is a sadder place without him.

Picture One: Bryant, Rexford Taylor May 1987
Picture Two: Evelyn & Bryant's wedding Oct. 9, 1942
Picture Three: Bryant 1941

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Halloween--Cousin Style!

Hey, Halloween may be over, and you may be stuffed attempting to finish off your candy leftovers, (don't worry, Thanksgiving will be here soon enough), but enjoy these pictures of our littler cousins!

Picture One: Nathaniel Walker, two months, son of Justin, grandson of Cindy Hawkes Gabrys
Picture Two: Jonathan Colley, ten months, son of Kristyne, grandson of Charlie Hawkes
Picture Three: Cameron Walker, age one, son of Kristin, grandson of Tim Kinsella

More to come--scroll below!

Halloween, Cousin Style—Again!

Picture One: Rebecca Walker, age three, daughter of Justin, granddaughter of Cindy Hawkes Gabrys

Picture Two: Eowyn Colley, age three, daughter of Kristyne, granddaughter of Charlie Hawkes

Picture Three: Morgan Towlson, age three and a half, daughter of Heather, granddaughter of Cindy Hawkes Gabrys

Picture Four: Patrick (age five) and Joe ( age 3) Kinsella, sons of Chris

Halloween--Cousin Style--Again!

Picture One: Cameron Towlson, age six, son of Heather, grandson of Cindy Hawkes Gabrys

Picture Two: Kelly (age four and a half) and Maddy (age eight—almost) Kinsella, daughters of Jim

Picture Three: Bridget (age eight—far left of the picture) and Maggie (age ten and a half—far right, witch in green face paint) Kinsella, daughters of Chris

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Barbara Buck Taylor--Nov. 5, 1929, By Aunt CB

Well over twenty-five years ago,maybe even thirty-five, Harold and Barbara, Jack and I made a trip to Puerto Rico together. We intended to visit Bob Van Kirk, a high school classmate of Harold’s and long time friend of Jack. We wanted to meet his new wife, Maggie, and see the island. We did both, in grand style! We’d traveled together before but this was our first trip out of the U.S.A. and we accomplished it.

Some of the highlights (or lowlights):

One: The hotel we stayed in had an elevator built for the truly aged. It was SO SLOW. The fellows would get on and Barb and I would race up the nearby stairway, plop ourselves on the floor near the elevator doors, and pretend to be deep in sleep as they opened!

Two: Then there was the purchase of the fresh pineapple. It seems Harold and Jack were on the beach and their eyes were caught by a woman selling pineapples. They were fascinated by the size of both the fruit for sale and her personal equipage, seeing little difference in size between the two. Having bought one, in order to get close enough to ascertain whether reality was possible (I guess it was), they then had to find a knife to cut it open. The kitchen finally allowed them to ‘borrow’ one, and they sliced it open to discover that a pineapple freshly picked at its peak is much more delicious than ones we can buy in the store.

Three: Moseying around the downtown area, Harold found a large ceiling fan, exactly what he’d been looking for to place in his newly purchased cottage. None were available in our home area. He finally decided that he could transport the fan and motor home on his lap in the plane and was happy as a kid. Barbara declared that if the plane sank, she’d have to save herself as he’d never drop the fan!

Yes, good times we had and through the years plenty of laughs. I can’t help but think she is with us now, still sharing a giggle.

Happy 79th birthday, Barb!

Picture One: Barb March 4, 1994
Picture Two: Barb and Harold, 1972
PictureThree: Barb and Harold Summer of 1948

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Breaking News--Dan Maffei Wins!

As of 10:46PM with 80% of the vote counted, major media outlets have called our cousin's race as a win for Dan Maffei.

With 80% of the vote, Maffei is ahead of Sweetland, 53% to 43%.

Congratulations, Dan!!!