Saturday, August 29, 2009

Baker Reunion Pictures: 2009--See LOTS of them!

Here are five more pictures, but if you want to see MORE—just look down on the right side of this website.
Across from the third picture down, you will see the white rectangle, with Baker Reunion pictures on top. You will see Chuck Lochner’s Pictures, Laurel’s Pictures, Sue’s Pictures, and Ted Lochner’s Pictures. Click on each one to get to their folder of pictures. You should see a small preview of each picture. Click on each picture, and they will enlarge.

You MAY have a problem clicking the back arrow to get back to the TaylorBaker site after looking at the pictures. I did. Not sure how to fix this, but just get back into the site by typing it in again.

Thanks again to all who sent these pictures--ENJOY!!


Kathryn said...

I vote for one of the Lochners to be reigning photographer supreme.
I could not make it to the reunion, but I can cry over the pictures. You guys got some great ones! So did you, Sue.
Chuck, I think you are the one who got pictures of my Aunt Sylva and my grandchildren and my daughter Beth. THANK YOU!!!!!! I owe you big time for those. I cannot tell you how much they mean to me.

Chuck Lochner said...


I learned a lot about photography from Dad (Dick Lochner) ... it's all his fault. Glad you liked them. More next year. Yipee!!


Diana said...

Please someone tell Sylvia and Leona how much my mom enjoyed seeing their pictures.

She has not seen them in so long it was nice.

Thank you for taking the time to bring them there, for driving there yourselves, for taking and posting pictures and for sharing.

Jack K. said...

We hadn't been to a Baker Reunion in several years and this one was super. What a great bunch of people there.