Wednesday, September 9, 2009

September Birthdays: Part One

Happy Labor Day Weekend to everyone!

The traditional end of summertime—I remember driving home Labor Day Weekends in my youth feeling such sadness at the passing of summer--Otty Lake with its fishing, swimming, tanning on the raft, water wars, diving off the cliffs, adventuring through the pasture with our dog Corky, playing with all of us cove kids… And, this weekend, at least for our stretch of the country, had weather to remember! Hope all had a great time, where ever they were spending the long weekend.

September, besides being the beginning of the school year, also brings us terrific TaylorBaker Birthdays!

Doris’ Hawkes Family has Aunt Doris herself.

Phyllis’ Family has Robert Coleman ( married to Phyllis Howland), and Liam Asahel Marlatt, son of Kathleen Henderson, grandson of Wendell.

Glady’s Family has Sylvia Langstaff ( daughter of Kayte Barron Langstaff), Nance Wood Drumm born ( daughter of Lester Wood, son of Gladys), Daniel Decker (son of Laurel Decker, daughter of Gladys), and Gail L. Kinney ( Gladys’ daughter)

Sylva’s Family has Timothy Eugene Arnold ( Linda Emhof Arnold’s son)

Picture One: Sylvia
Picture Two: Dylan and Liam
Picture Three: Gail, Wendy,Sara and Audry, Top Row--James and Dan
Picture Four: Doris and Bud


Sue Kinsella said...

Hey, Aunt Doris, I miss you on your birthday!

Diana said...

I miss those funny emails from Aunt Doris - they sure made my dad laugh.

I will always be grateful for the 'rescue' in the middle of the night driving home from college. Nice to know there was always an extra bed if you could get to Lockport! (even if Cindy was in it)