Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Bob Taylor’s Kids

Some of us who have not seen Bob Taylor’s kids in years (decades??) have been trying to put together names and faces with the emails we’ve been reading.

Rob’s sister, Barb, has emailed some great pictures, which I include here so that we can all picture their family, in living color!!

Barb writes: "Thank you again for everyone's prayers. Rob is a fighter and I know he will prevail."

Picture One: Bob Taylor’s Kids--Rob and Curtis in front, Jennifer and Barb in the back
Picture Two: Curtis and Jessica
Picture Three: Rob and Jake (his nephew)
Picture Four: Barb and son Jacob
Picture Five: Jennifer, Rob, Barb and Tessa (Jen's daughter)


Sue Kinsella said...

So glad to get pictures! I remember "Robbie and Barbie" from when you guys were very little, but haven't known how all the names and relationships fit since then. My, what good-looking cousins!

Sending continued "Get Well Vibes" to Rob and glad that all of you have kept us up-to-date on this website.

annie bananaie said...

Hi cousins so glad to see that everyone looks good and age very well. (Ha ha) sorry but we all wish we could be all little forever. GOOD MEMORIES to remember all the babysitting Barbie & Rob times. GOOD WELL Wishes your way Rob. Barbie- you look great. Curtis- you will never change,crazy as ever!! Jennifer- looks great too.