Sunday, February 1, 2009

February Birthdays!! Part Three:

In the Lucille Kinsella Family, Susan and Beth’s husband, Takeshi are February Birthdays.
In Ruth Maney’s Family, Kathleen, Richard’s daughter, has a birthday.
On the Baker’s Side, we have Uncle Dell and Wendell Henderson to celebrate.

Picture One:
Uncle Dell Barrows
Picture Two: Kathleen at Taylor Reunion (Or Picture Three, depending on how your computer handles these pictures!)
Picture Three: Wendell
Picture Four: Takeshi and P-Chan
Picture Five: Alex, Susan and Tom Kinsella, Muir Woods, Christmas Day 2008


Diana said...

Susan - Muir woods is one of my fav's - how great that you had some family time there at Christmas.

Jack Kinsella said...

They say there are parts of Appalacia where outmoded English is still used, such as thee and thou. I can say the same was true for Center Lisle.
Years ago, CB and I went there for something, probably a funeral--it was in the church. As I went in, I saw Dell Barrows standing in the back. I knew him but he had never met me--anyways I went up to him and said, "Hi, Uncle Dell, haw are you?" He squinted his eyes, looked me up and down and then said, "Who be ye?"

Anonymous said...

What a wonderful picture of Wendell!! Almost could talk! No one I ever knew was happier to see family come thru his door. We all miss him!
And Sue, wish I were closer to make you a cherry cheesecake for your birthday. Mom

Sue Kinsella said...

Yeah, Diana, Muir Woods was great on Christmas. Seemed the perfect sanctuary for thankful celebration. Come visit it with me sometime!

Thanks for the cherry cheesecake wishes, Mom. You've been doing the next best thing, training Alex whenever we've been home visiting you over the past few years. So now maybe I'll put him to the test - can he make a cherry cheesecake like his grandmother?!? Stay tuned . . . .