Monday, February 16, 2009

Calling All Motorcycling Cousins! By Mitch Taylor

I have been viewing the Taylor Baker cousins blog. I am Bryant Taylor's son Mitch and have been living in New Zealand since 1974.

I have been home to LeRoy, NY a few times over the years as my mother Evelyn is still there and my brother Lance is in Batavia.I will be coming over with my wife Rhonda in July for three weeks.

Have recently got back into motorcycling after many years and wonder if there are any other enthusiasts in the clan. I recently did a 1400km solo trip around the South Island of New Zealand where I live and it was an outstanding experience: Open roads, low traffic and outstanding mountain lake and seascape views all in a very compact area. Would love to blog with some American motorcyclists in the extended family and maybe even meet up in July.

Any family member planning a trip to New Zealand has a place to stay here. My address is 56 Woodhaugh st., Dunedin, New Zealand and email address is Feel free to contact me.

Cheers, Mitch


Pat said...


Thanks for emailing! Always great to hear from cousins, either near or far.

Hope to see you in July!


Anonymous said...

Dear Mitch,
This is to tell you that you DO have some motorcycling cousins!!! Doris Taylor Hawkes has a youngest son, Charlie and he and his wife own and ride cycles! They will get in touch with you I am sure!!! So good to hear from you . Keep the bed made up!! Aunt CB

Tim said...


Nice to meet you, even if it is only over the internet. Next time I'm in New Zealand (which will also be my first!)I'll have to look you up.

Tim Kinsella
Syracuse, New York, USA

Sue Kinsella said...

I don't mean to be disrespectful, but every time I come to the blog and see the picture of Mitch with his motorcycle, my first thought is that he has some wild and crazy red hair - which *I* think is wonderful! Then I blow up the picture and realize that it's leaves on the wall behind him . . . . or is it?

Pat said...

Sue, my Red-Haired Sister,

Well, I could comment on how it is just your eyes getting on in years, but then, so are mine.

I did see a red twinge when I first saw the picture, and I thought to myself, 'well, one positive with getting older is that my eyes are no longer perfect, and I begin to see more and more as the Impressionists did!'.

Then, I too clicked on the picture--a great feature--and saw the really BIG and clear picture of Mitch, without red hair.

I guess I should know, but Mom, which side is the red hair from--Baker or Taylor?!

Diana said...

Party at Mitch's - you're lucky it's a long plane ride or you would be inundated with Taylor Baker Cousins!

I am however making note of your address - you never know!