Thursday, February 26, 2009

Annie Hawkes

This morning, our deepest thoughts, prayers, and hugs go out to the entire Hawkes family.

Annie Madore Hawkes, Steve’s daughter and granddaughter of Aunt Doris, died on February 22nd, after a car accident on February 12th.

Twenty years old, Annie was a 2008 graduate with honors from the Culinary program at Erie Community College.

Daughter of Steven and Michele Hawkes, Annie was also the loving sister of Arnon, Stephanee, and Jason (Laurel) Hawkes, and aunt to Tyler, Ryleigh, and Lucy.

Please think of them, or send a special prayer their way today, as the wake will be Thursday from 2-5PM at the Amigone Funeral Home, and the funeral service will be held there at 5PM.

We hope to follow up at a later time with pictures and stories about Annie.

Picture: Annie Hawkes with Michael Soltiz at the 2006 Sr. Ball


Pat said...

Steve and Michele, thinking of you this morning.

I live too far away to be today's funeral, but I will be there in thoughts and prayers.

Love to you all,

Sue Kinsella said...

I've been thinking about Steve and his family all day, and for the past two weeks as well. Just want to say that I'm "there" with them today as much as virtual reality allows. Wish I could be there in person. Wish I could hold Steve in a big hug. Feel so sad.

Diana said...

I know that the thoughts and prayers of all of us were there today with all of Annie's family and friends.

You may not 'feel' a virtual hug - but I know that there sure is a lot of feelings in one.