Sunday, February 1, 2009

February Birthdays!! Part One:

Hello Cousins!! SuperBowl Sunday—February First!!

Some of us will be actively rooting for Arizona or Pittsburgh today, and some of us will be watching for the unique commercials, and some of us will be watching for The Boss, or as Saturday Night Live informed us last night, Arizona and Pittsburgh will be warming up for Bruce Springsteen tomorrow.

But, all of us Baker/Taylor Cousins have a full month to celebrate these wonderful people born into our lives in this, the shortest month.

In Esther Lochner’s Family, we have Ricky and Julie and Brian, son of Ted, as birthday kids.
In Doris Hawkes’ Family, we have Morgan, Cindy’s granddaugther.

Picture One: Brian Lochner, December 2008
Picture Two: Charlie Hawkes and Rick Lochner, Taylor Reunion Picture Three: Cindy Hawkes Gabrys and Julie Lochner Riber
Picture Four: Morgan


Pat said...

Beautiful cousins, one and all!

Diana said...

How come so many of you cousins have Grandchildren - can we be that old!

Pat said...

I think all of my brothers and I got a huge jolt at the wedding of our niece, Kristin, daughter of Tim.

Chris said it best, "As I walked up the aisle, I expected to be led to the very front of the church, as I had for all of my brothers and sisters' weddings. Oh wait, it was no longer my brother or sisters' weddings, it was the next generation's!!"

And, it HAS been a year, but I am STILL getting used to, as I imagine all of my sibs are, to reading and listening to Tim and Rose called 'grandparents'!!!

Yes, Diana, in MY mind's eye, we are all running around Uncle Harold's side yard playing kickball or rustling up another root beer from the cooler on his back porch or grabbing a handful of penny candy from his gas station.

All young un's still, at least to me!!

Anonymous said...

Did you notice the color of Morgan's hair? Remember whose grandchild she is!!! And when you look at Rick Lochner and Charlie Hawkes, you realize that they are STILL young at heart!!! Aunt CB