Friday, February 27, 2009

Vignette, By Aunt CB

Aunt CB and Uncle Jack did get to Annie's funeral yesterday, and Dad took a picture of one of the pictures of Annie.

Aunt CB/Mom writes:

It happened at the 1992 or 1993 Taylor Reunion. The weather, for a change was good, sunny and warm. All the little kids were raring around, playing as usual hide and seek or chasing one another. Then, all of a sudden, across the open field to the right of the cottage, came trundling along 4 year old Annie Hawkes, "wheel barrowing" her 7 year old cousin, Matt Kinsella! It was all she could do to keep his legs up under her arms while he "wheeled" along with his arms but her grin was as wide as Cayuga Lake! Those two got along like a house afire!

I see from the pictures taken as she grew up and shown at the Funeral Home that she never lost that grin!

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Pat Kinsella Herdeg said...

Thanks, Mom and Dad, and to all the cousins who did make it to the funeral. We who could not make it knew we would be well represented by you.

Love to you,