Friday, February 27, 2009

Annie's Funeral, By Chuck Lochner

Most of you got this email from Chuckie, but for those who did not, his words, and some of his pictures.

Thank you Chuckie!!

"All- Here are the photos I was able to take yesterday. The visiting hours were 2 to 5 followed by a memorial service followed by a dinner. Aunt CB and Uncle Jack were able to make it, but couldn't stay with CB's vertigo problem.

Annie was a high impact person ... every one liked her a lot. Hundreds of people showed up. The line ran through the entire service area down the hall and outside. The guest book was expanded twice. Family, friends, neighbors, relatives, school mates, teachers from high school and the culinary institute (in uniform), coworkers ... the parking lot filled and they were allowed to use two adjoining business parking lots.

The memorial service was at 5PM. A family friend made remarks which were wonderful. Story about Annie's solo in a school play which sparkled and Steve had not known about until she was on stage ... it brought down the house. The dinner afterwards was warm and friendly; about fifty people. I wanted the kid's table, but it was full of kids. They had a good time as they should. Annie's tissues were donated and she lives on ... "

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Sue Kinsella said...

The picture at the top, of the young boy hugging the dog, is perfect, Pat.

Thank you, Chuck, for sending us pictures and telling us a bit about the memorial. "Hundreds of people . . . out the door and outside . . . the guest book expanded twice . . . the parking lot filled and two more needed . . . " Clearly, Annie was deeply loved and brought so much joy into the world.

I was just reading about Wendell again and thinking - again - how much I wish I'd known him when he was right in my own family. I feel that way about Annie now, too.