Friday, February 20, 2009

Weather around Cousin Country

February 20th, 2009, Time 11:22AM, Massachusetts time -

February can be dreary, snowy, rainy, and although a short month, can seem to stretch on forever as some of us look forward to the coming warmth and stronger sunlight of spring.

So, in hopes of hurrying along the next season, and to point out that while we are enjoying the same cousins’ blog online, our ‘outside the window weather’ can be quite different, here are some temperatures and forecasts:

Sue Kinsella (daughter of Aunt CB) in Novato, California (near San Francisco): Sunny and 46 degrees.

Judy Taylor Alberts (daughter of Uncle Harold) in Seattle, Washington: Foggy, 34 degrees.

Nancy Taylor Wright (daughter of Uncle Arnon) in Lake Helen, Florida: Sunny, 51 degrees.

Richard, Michael and Daniel Maney (sons of Aunt Ruth) in Geneva, New York: Windy, 21 degrees, feels like 5 degrees.

Diana McCarty (daughter of Uncle Arnon) in Buffalo, Minnesota: Partly cloudy, 18 degrees, feels like 11 degrees.

Julie Lochner Riber (daughter of Aunt Esther) in Louviers, Colorado: Fair (what does that mean?) and 47 degrees.

Mitch Taylor (son of Bryant Taylor, grandson of Floyd Taylor who is twin to Lloyd) in Dunedin, New Zealand: Rain, 55 degrees.

Kathryn Wood Barron (daughter of Gladys, granddaughter of Aunt Lil on Baker side) in Kent, Ohio: Mostly cloudy, 21 degrees, feel like 7 degrees.

Pat Kinsella Herdeg (daughter of Aunt CB) in Acton, Massachusetts: Sun with clouds, 26 degrees, but feels like 13 degrees.

Beth Kinsella Sakanishi (daughter of Aunt CB) in Chiba, Japan: Partly cloudy, 41 degrees, feels like 36 degrees.

Well, I confess I thought we would have a wider range of temperatures. Florida does not sizzle like I expected it to!

Any cousins that I have missed in other climates that I should include in the next Cousin Country Weather? Let me know!!


Judy said...

Seattle may have started out
foggy and 34 degrees but it was
beautiful sunny 51 degrees,
Wow, what an enjoyable day.

Anonymous said...

I can't believe you are my daughter!!! You are a real blog captain!!!You come up with all these things to keep us together-- I am proud of you! Mom

Pat said...

Thanks, Ma!

Judy is right--I did this too early for the west coast to truly have any 'day' temperatures, so next time, perhaps April, I'll do it later at night my time and try to catch the west coast in their afternoon. Maybe then we'll see a more varied swing in temps!