Sunday, March 1, 2009

March Birthdays, Part Four:

In Aunt CB’s Kinsella Family, March brings us the birthdays of Pat Herdeg, Beth Sakanishi and Aunt CB herself.

Picture One: Aunt CB
Picture Two: Beth Sakanishi
Picture Three: Pat Herdeg


Sue Kinsella said...

Happy Birthday, Pat, on your March 1st birthday! Thanks for the blog opportunity to wish you a grand day to start off a grand year.

Love you,

Pat said...

Thank you!!

We are supposed to get another foot of snow this evening into the wee hours, so you know how I love stormy weather--a blizzard will do nicely!

Yes, a fun start to the new year!!


Diana said...

Happy Birthday Pat and Aunt CB - I so appreciate getting the family news and the back stories.

Cousin Judy said...

Love the pictures and am happy
that the snow is on the eastcoast!
Love you all.

CB said...

Spare a thought for Pat, who is the only reason we have this blog to pull us all together!!! She was due Feb 14 and when time dragged by, I decided that I was pregnant with an elephant so I took my good book and my lovely garlicky salad and read into the night!! 2 hours later woke up and knew she was on the way and did I smell!!!Few people seem to know that Kinsella is Irish so I guess I squeezed in with the garlic lovers!!! CB