Monday, March 1, 2010

March Birthdays, 2010: Part Four

In Arnon Taylor’s family, Bethany Robin Taylor Velasco (Jim Taylor’s daughter) and her son, James Velasco, celebrate birthdays , and Salvatore Fiorello DeLuca (Cynthia's son, grandson of Nancy Taylor Wright), are the March Birthday Kids.

And, In Ruth Maney’s family, Debra DeSio Maney ( Richard’s wife) celebrates.

Picture One: Lucas, Joel, James and Bethany
Picture Two: Sal and Gabby
Picture Three: Debra and Richard

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CB said...

If Bethany Taylor sees this log, contact Pat!! I want to know if she remembers Chris from St Lawrence [ Kinsella] He met her in his fraternityin college but did not know that she was his cousin then!!