Sunday, March 14, 2010

Spring in Mid March, Part Two

My big sister Sue writes from the San Francisco area,

I love the look of snow, but I figured out early on that I was very unhappy living in it. So I practiced some “geographic therapy” and moved to where it’s always at least spring and often summer. What a difference!

I especially appreciate that I can celebrate my February birthday with flowers, birds, butterflies and sunshine rather than grey clouds and dirty snow covered with two months of car exhaust.

If I want snow, it’s four hours away in the mountains; but I especially love that I can leave it whenever I want and go back to spring. Even without the snow, we definitely have changes in seasons here.

While there are some flowers out all year round, lots more buds are now bursting out and trees are starting to flower. We’re right by “open space” and many streets end at gates and fences that open into wild areas and canyons, so plenty of places to take pictures of spring.

The pictures above are shown are:

-- Daffodils blooming by Alex’s school

--A cherry tree in front of a nearby school

--A magnolia tree in downtown
-- Rosemary that blooms much of the year all around our house

1 comment:

Kathryn said...

Nice pictures!
I have a rosemary plant in a pot in my kitchen. It has never bloomed. Kind of a pity. The picture of the rosemary makes me wish mine would. Of course, I probably prevent it by cutting it off and using it in stuff. Makes great rosemary bread!
Thanks Sue! I love you lots!!