Sunday, March 14, 2010

Springtime Pictures in Mid-March--Part One

Chuck Lochner starts us out with a picture of him back in the spring of 1954—cool hat!
The pictures shown here, except for Chuck, are also taken by Sue.
They are:

-- Jasmine just about to bloom on the trellis over our door (on the right in the picture; our neighbor’s jasmine has been growing for longer – we used to have a big mass of honeysuckle)
-- Pink flowers that bloom by our walkway
-- Some of the bushes blooming right now by where we park our car


Pat said...


Thanks again--great pictures!!

And, Chuck, terrific one of little Charles Lochner on a long ago (well, not THAT long ago) spring day...

Aunt CB/Mom said...

Yes, thats Chuckiebabe as we used to call him!!! Ain't he sweet! Sue, your flower pictures are gorgeous! You should make a booklet of them.

"Eve" Taylor said...

How wonderful to experience all the different "Springs" around the country!

Le Roy is trying hard to get there, but with 22 degrees this morning it is struggling. But my invincible daffodils are ready to open their buds in time for Easter.

"Eve" Taylor said...

It is wonderful to experience all the different "Springs" across the country!
Le Roy is having a hard time to get there with 22 degree temp this morning.But my invincible daffodils have buds to soon open and greet Easter!