Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Spring in Waterloo, By Ann Taylor

These are pictures from my backyard and down at the cottage.

We used to have a fence around the backyard when Jess and El were little. We planted tulips and daffodils outside the fence toward the road. They have been multiplying every year since.

Charlie our cat is hiding in one of these pictures.

The pictures with the ducks are about two years old, but the ducks were so cute when they would come up on the boat landing and eat the cracked corn.

Happy Spring to All!


Pat said...


AGAIN it is raining here in New England!

But, I love your bright pictures of the springtime hopefully about to arrive here.


Aunt CB said...

Dear Annie,
Thanks so much for a taste of spring!I think the deer or chipmonks ate my bulbs as I see nothing!!