Saturday, March 6, 2010

Signs of Spring, By Pat Kinsella Herdeg

Today is sunny and in the low fifties here in Massachusetts--we will take it!
Just spent some time raking out the many downed branches and pinecones littering our yard. If we are not getting snow to cover the mess, I guess I have to do something about it.

And, yes, I knew that spring was on the way when my high schooler, Nick, arrived back home almost immediately after setting off to school--the path through the woods was icy AND muddy, and let’s just say that although not wounded TOO badly, he needed to change his clothes before taking off for school again.

But, one short week ago, most of us were NOT luxuriating in sun and warmth--SNOW was on the menu. In response to my call out for spring, here is what we got from Cousin Country:

Tim and Rose Kinsella, in the snow belt of Liverpool, NY wrote:

We probably got something like 20-30 inches between yesterday and today. Today school was cancelled because there was about 18 inches on all the roads that had to be plowed. Many people didn't get plowed out until late morning which is unheard of around here. Then the sun came out, driveways and streets dried out and it felt almost springlike. Crazy crazy weather!

My brother Jim and Jill, and their girls, Maddie and Kelly, sent great pictures of the fact that spring is indeed not YET arrived in Greece, NY--Jim has built a terrific skating rink in their backyard--takes me back to my days of skating in our backyard at 2846 and attempting to be the next Peggy Fleming.

Cousin Ann, from Waterloo NY, writes:

As of Friday the 26th of February, we received a foot of snow overnight. We have run out of room in our driveway to put the snow. Very heavy too. School was closed in most of Geneva-Seneca Falls-Syracuse-Rochester--we spend the day shoveling--Whoopee!!

Her sister, Marylou writes from Wisconsin that she has eight inches of snow, but the roads are clear. When asked about her garden, she answered--

I have a small plot of land that I garden about eight feet by twelve feet, but it gets lots of sun. I grow beans, tomatoes, peppers, onions, spinach, chard, arugula, and herbs. I am a chef and I have a garden at work also-- a regular little farm girl!

My Gardening Fool Brother, Tom writes from the southern part of New Jersey:

Here's a picture of my garden from a few years back. We should have something similar soon enough. Seeds for this year have arrived in the mail. Always a great sign of spring, when the seeds arrive in the mail!!

Diana writes:

In Minnesota, we laugh at signs of spring here which include - seeing the driveway and road with no snow and the emerging potholes - and little pieces of green poking out in sheltered areas.

Nancy from Florida writes:

We have had the wildest winter here also, long lasting cold cold spells like we've never had before. So many plants and agriculture crops also have died with the extended cold spells.

Well, gotta go -- stay warm and try to find those crocuses and daffodils sprouting for spring. By the way, this year we have had a big invasion of robins -- they usually are around in the winter/spring time in moderate numbers, but this year there are so many of them.

So, the beginning of March is here! Please do send pictures, or news of your newly sprouted flowers, gardens, potholes, frost heaves, or whatever, and we will put it up on the blog so that we all can appreciate the change, or lack of, in these seasons of ours!

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