Thursday, March 18, 2010

Springtime in the Rockies, by Julie Lochner Riber

March, as a rule, is the snowiest month here in the Rockies, or so the weather people say. Yes, we've had snow, and we've had temperatures of 65 degrees with a topper this St. Patrick's Day of 70. The snow we've had has not amounted to much yet. Some think this has been a long, chilly winter. I'm still enjoying it. The beauty of Colorado is that if you don't like the weather one day, just wait till the next.

Two weeks ago I spent the weekend in a yurt in Golden Gate Canyon State Park, just west of Boulder, with a couple girlfriends (husbands were not interested without a Holiday Inn right down the street). I'm sending you pictures of the wonderful time we had, and it included the best of both winter and spring. We went snowshoeing and hiking in shirtsleeves.

Right around home here I noticed just today the daffodils starting to pop up through the lingering piles of snow in my flower beds, sprouts of green grass coming up all over our yard, robins and mountain bluejays noisily arriving in droves each day...and another snowstorm heading this way in a couple days. That's Springtime in Colorado!

Love and mush,

Cousin Pat adds that Julie sent this story a few days ago. As I put this online, it was a beautiful sunny day in Julie’s part of the country, with highs in the mid sixties. However, as Julie said, tomorrow is set to bring a storm that could dump another ten inches of snow on them!


CB said...

How good to hear from you and what lovely scenery!! Wouldn't your Mom have loved to visit you in Colorado!!! Aunt CB

Pat said...


Thanks again!

I think we will be visiting Colorado soon, so can't wait to see what 'April in the Rockies' is like.