Monday, February 22, 2010

Carlton Walbridge Taylor, Part One:

Carlton Walbridge Taylor, third child to Cordelia and Daniel Taylor (remember Clara, our poet? She is his sister, and our B.W. is his big brother, while in a few years, Orrin will come along to fill out the family), was born in 1863 in Oakfield, NY at the family farm, Woodlawn.

In 1890, Carlton married Jeannie Amanda McNair, at her home in nearby Sonyea.

Three years later, they had Marion, and in 1896, Walbridge. Walbridge, who had diabetes, died early, at age 14 in 1910.

Carlton and Jeannie moved to Illinois; they both became teachers in Speech Therapy at the Illinois State School for the Deaf in Jacksonville, Illinois. During the years Carlton and Jeannie taught in Illinois, they maintained a summer home—named ‘Bonnie Brae’-- back in New York. It was on the corner of the Oakfield-Batavia road and near Woodlawn, where Carlton’s parents lived.

During the summer months, they lived there, Carlton helping B.W. on the farm and Jeannie visiting with her relatives in nearby Sonyea. When they returned to school, Daniel and Cordelia, Carlton’s parents, moved in to keep house and relieve the congestion of two generations at the farm. When the older parents could no longer live there independently, they returned to an apartment in the farm house and Carlton eventually sold this small house.

In 1920, Carlton and Jeannie moved to Lake Helen, Florida as their winter home. Our cousin, daughter of Arnon, Nancy Taylor Wright, lives in Lake Helen also (and this is NOT a large city—a small town of about 3000 people), and has been digging for history on our Lake Helen couple for a long time now. She’ll continue with Part Two on Carlton and Jeannie.

Picture One: Carlton
Picture Two: Carlton and Jeannie (the couple on the left). Aunt CB is not sure who the couple on the right are.
Picture Three: Walbridge Taylor, taken shortly before his death,in 1910

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