Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Christmas at Ted Lochner's House, By Chuck Lochner

Chuck Lochner writes about Christmas at his brother Ted's house in Spencer, MA. Ted and his wife, Judy have three boys, Jimmy, Brian and Andrew:

"I was there for a week. We had a good time. Kids are doing well. Jimmy in college, Brian is a junior and has two part time jobs, Andrew a freshman and into football and basketball.

Judy graduated with an Associate Degree in Environmental Science and is working for the town as an inspector. Ted is still at Home Depot and trying to keep it all together.

Ben and Snowflake (the cats) eat, sleep and poop."

Thanks, Chuck, for the Lochner update!
Picture One: Ted and Judy's house
Picture Two: Ted and Chuck
Picture Three: Brian and Andrew
Picture Four: Jimmy
Picture Five: Ben the Cat


Pat said...

Thank you, Chuck!

Great photos, and even thought of sending a picture of the cat.


Julie said...

Nice pics, Chuck! Gads, is Ted gonna run for "Santa Claus" next Christmas. He could!

Aunt CB said...

Did Ted dye his bead? He never has a white one! I can remember when he was born and it was not so long ago! [ PS beware of senile memory]