Friday, January 21, 2011

Christmas at the Maffeis By Dorothy Maffei

Dorothy Maffei sent me these pictures of Aunt Leona and her family from their holiday get together the end of last year.

To catch up cousins who might not remember, Leona and Neil Maffei had four children--Neil, Carol Ann, Joey and Dorothy.

Neil is the oldest and Dan is his oldest child. Then comes Andrew (and his twin sister Sara) and Max.

So, Dorothy is their aunt. Aunt Leona is the grandmother of Dan, Andrew and Max.

Great to see these pictures--Thank you, Dorothy--as Aunt CB says, you are a sweetie for sharing these!

Picture One: Neil, Dorothy and Aunt Leona
Picture Two: Max, Dan, Leona and Andrew
Picture Three: Neil and Pat, their son Max, and Leona
Picture Four: Dan, Leona and Abby


Pat said...


Again, thanks so much.

It is great to see all of you, but also, to see Aunt Leona again.

Happy 2011!

CB said...

How great nto see all of them!! I talk with Leona often but seldom see the rest. She is so good about plowing along and no complaints on a road that must be hard!! Leona is my guide!!

Julie said...

Great to see everyone! I imagine Leona enjoyed having so much family around. She's lookin' lovely, just as always.