Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Happy 2011!! January Birthdays, Part Three

On the Taylor side, Both Bryant C Taylor (son of Floyd Taylor) and his wife, Evelyn Taylor are January Birthday Kids—Evelyn, Congrats on turning 89!

On the Baker Side, Ruth Inez Baker (sister of Ethel, Adin and Lil), and Elmer Howland (Aunt Lil's husband) are January Birthdays to remember.

In Leona’s family, Geoffry Max Body-Maffei (Neil Maffei's son) is the Birthday Boy.

In Sylva’s family, Sylva Joyce Howland Emhof is the Birthday Girl of the month, along with Norris Arnold (Linda Emhof's husband).

Picture One: Bryant and Evelyn
Picture Two: Aunt Ruth Baker
Picture Three: Elmer
Picture Four: Sylva

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CB/Lucille said...

It is very hard for me to realize that Sylva has been gone a year now!! I miss her letters and her recall of any rhyming story! She knew them all!
Center Lisle historian, Eleanor Tichnor has her memories of School, recently shown on this blog!! [ see how iportant we are!!}