Tuesday, February 1, 2011

February 2011 Birthdays--Part Three

In Ruth Maney’s family, Kathleen Deborah Maney ( Richard’s daughter) is the Birthday Girl.

In Doris Hawkes’ family, Morgan Kate Towlson ( Cindy’s grand-daughter) will blow out candles this month.

In Phyllis’ family, Wendell E. Henderson is celebrated this month.

In the Older Generation’s Group, Delbert Barrows ( Aunt Nell’s husband) and Rexford Floyd Taylor each have February Birthdays.

Picture One: Marlene, Colleen, Kathleen, with their mom, Debbie
Picture Two: Morgan
Picture Three: Wendell
Picture Four: Dell, Merle their son, and Aunt Nell
Picture Five: Eve, Dene and Rex, Summer 2010


Pat said...

Happy Birthday All!

I love this picture of Wendell, and the picture of Dell and Nell in front of their cabin--I think it is their hunting cabin--is wonderful to see.


Aunt CB/Mom said...

I think that is the cabin that they lived in while Uncle Dell was doing construction work near Dansville , NY. He drove a big backhoe. One summer Adin worked there with him and slept in that tent that is in the edge of the picture and Aunt Nell boarded him! She was an excellent cook!!