Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Happy 2011!! January Birthdays, Part One

In CB Kinsella’s family, James Matthew Kinsella, and Elizabeth Lehmann ( Dan Kinsella's wife) celebrate January Birthdays.

In Doris’s family, Stephen Francis Hawkes and Mary Ann Cannon Hawkes (Charlie's wife) blow out Birthday candles.

In Ruth Maney’s family, Aunt Ruth is the Birthday Girl, along with Michael James Maney.

Picture One: Jim and Jill Kinsella
Picture Two: Liz Lehmann
Picture Three: Mary and Charlie Hawkes
Picture Four: Aunt Ruth
Picture Five: Mike Maney


CB said...

Today is Aunt Ruth's birthday!! I miss her!! she would have been 93 I think!! How she loved it when we went to one of these "all you can eat" buffet!! Made her think she was getting her money's worth!!

Diana said...

Her and Barb and Harold were probably the ones I saw most often. There were cookies and a lot of cats to pet.

I also remember that she took in Peggy - dads Cocker Spaniel until we got the house finished.

Diana said...

I must also take this time to comment about Mary and Charlie. For all the years since Arnon and Maria moved to MN, first Doris and then Charlie and Mary took on the responsibility for sending my mother her beloved Prince Valiant Cartoon from the Sunday funnies.

I know that my mom appreciated it greatly and even when I was not sure she could see them or understand the storyline - she know it was sent with love from home.