Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Winter Wonderland By Pat Kinsella Herdeg

As I write this, there is another eight inches of fresh snow, just dropped during the day’s commute, sure to mess up the end of the work day, AGAIN.

My sister Sue, out in San Francisco, recently sent out this email:

“Well, for almost all of you this will be ho-hum, but for us it’s mind-boggling. This is the first time in all the years I’ve lived here that our car was covered in ice when we came out to go to school! Since we didn’t have a windshield scraper, we had to wait until the defroster melted the ice enough for me to be able to see.”

This set off a flurry of back and forth emails in my family, many of them like this one from my brother Chris’ wife, Jen:

“That’s no excuse for a girl with Upstate NY roots. You use a credit card, library card, etc. Spray the washer fluid… You have been out west waaayy too long if you can’t solve this simple problem! Of course I park in the garage at night so to avoid the situation at all costs!”

And, Tim’s wife, Rose offered up that in central NY State, businesses often give out car scrapers as free gifts. I am betting that Sue will get several from various family members next Christmas.
Aunt CB chimed in that perhaps it was the early morning hour that had Sue not thinking of better ideas, but Sue’s next email explained that she HAD tried:

“Oh my goodness, I didn’t even think of using something like a credit card! I did spray the washer fluid and the wipers just slid across like the ice was a permanent plastic coating. So I turned on the air conditioner and ran it through the defroster because that often defrosts faster, but it just seemed like NOTHING was going to melt the ice faster today. Or at least it seemed like that as we waited and waited, meanwhile looking for things to use to clean the mirrors, etc. (Those cloth grocery bags come in handy at times like this!)

Mostly, though, we were just so grateful that we don’t have to deal with this every morning and sent a lot of sympathy to those who do! While we waited, I told Alex about the recent e-mail from Chuck Lochner with a video showing a guy apparently running late for work, frantically cleaning off his totally snow-buried car with his briefcase, suitcoat sleeve, whatever else he can find. Then, when he clicks to unlock the car so he can get in, the car AHEAD of him blinks its lights . . . .”

So, back here in Acton, as I get ready to go out and snowblow the driveway one more time as I see the plows have again piled up huge banks at the end of our driveway, we do wish you ALL the best this winter season.

Take care, and may your winter adventures be entertaining, safe, and wonderful the second (and third ) time ‘round in the telling.

Picture One: At the top of the blog, my son Nick skiing out at Jackson Hole, early January 2011. Now THAT is a winter wonderland!

Picture Two through four: Taken in my backyard a few hours ago.


MOM/CB said...

Pat, those back yard pictures look almost professional! What a Christmas card each would make!

Pat said...

Thank you! It was so beautiful yesterday--huge big flakes falling, just before it turned to sleet and rain. Luckily, I got the driveway shoveled before EVERYTHING iced over.

Glenn was driving home and went super slow down our hill and STILL slid past the driveway.

Now, I keep hearing the huge icicles falling/sliding down from our roof.


Nance said...

Pat, where's picture #1 with Nick at Jackson Hole skiing? All I count are 3 pictures total, and they all look like they might be from your house. And I'll tell you what -- I could not deal with that on an ongoing basis at all anymore! Nice to go visit, then go home and get warm. However, we have had too many extended days of 20's and 30's here this winter and that was mostly in December, so what am I talking about, we're just minus the snow altho we did have frost on cars and lawn--thank goodness for my wood stove!
Love from Florida -- Nance

Pat said...

Sorry, Nance-- I had Nick's Jackson Hole picture at the top of the blog and changed it for the polar bears.

Now, it is where it belongs--with this posting!

Yes, a wood stove sounds wonderful right about now. Six below outdoors as I type this.


Julie said...

Here's to Nick...

I remember once when I went to Jackson Hole with an old boyfriend. He was an excellent skier and thought nothing of flying off cliffs and doing flips and spins, etc. I, on the otherhand, was a much more cautious skier, and when he took me up on a "moderate" slope which he deemed "easy" I took one look and nearly died of fright. The ski patrol was just about on their way up to get me. I believe I cussed a lot about the effects of gravity and especially when all that was between me, the snow and one steep hill were two pieces of plastic. I never skied again, and I since I didn't measure up to his skiing abilities, we broke up soon afterwards.
You go Nick!