Friday, July 30, 2010

Happy Birthday, Lester H. Woods Jr! By Joshua Hart-Wood and Brandy Kapp

Late Breaking News: Lester H. Wood Jr. 's Granddaughter Emma Rose Hart-Wood sending Balloons to HEAVEN !! Happy Birthday Dad (Chic) /Papa !! July 30th.2010

Sending another "Happy Birthday to HEAVEN" to Lester H. Wood Jr., also known by the nickname of Chic.

Chic was born in Johnson City, New York on July 30th, 1946. The oldest son of Gladys and Lester H. Wood Sr., he grew up and was raised in Center Lisle, NY. Chic had three marriages and eleven children of his own ....

Chic was:
--Very well known for Horses, Cows, and anything to do with Farming
--Once a resident of Colorado, and then became a resident of OHIO
-- A very well mannered man who was very well rounded
--Strong personality that always put a smile on people’s faces
-- Always knew how to lighten the mood

Chic was skillful in many ways and taught all his children the best meaning of life and how to fulfill the best out of every day.

Dear Dad,
We know you’re in heaven watching down on all of us. Thank you for all the memories that we are able to share and pass down to the next generations. You were the Best Dad and Grandfather a child could have asked for.

Your wise words and lessons we continue to share with our siblings. Thank you for the love and laughter you brought to each and every one of us.

We miss your long stories and how you always called us "Kid"! As each day approaches, we know you are our guardian angel protecting us.

Enjoy your Birthday in Heaven with all your loved ones!! We know you’re standing behind a birthday cake with many candles on it.

Have a blessed birthday with your mom (Gladys), Uncle Adin, your older sons (Richie) and (Jacob), and your daughter (Denise)....

You are going to be thought of on your special day-- Happy Birthday!

P.S Dad (Chic),
Joshua and Myself (Brandy) will be letting Emma Decorate a Birthday Balloon and will be letting Emma Send it to Heaven to you—Watch for it!

Picture #1--Lester H. Wood Jr. 2003 @ the farm house in Southington, OH
Picture #2--Lester H. Wood Jr. 2007 with granddaughter Emma Rose Hart-Wood


Pat said...

Brandy and Josh,

Thanks for sharing this with us!!

I will be thinking of little Emma sending her balloon skyward towards Grandpa today...


Kathryn said...

Chic also could be a crude as could be. He left the crudest, rudest, funniest, messages on my answering machine. I learned to delete them quick when the grandkids were there. I would hear his voice and I hit delete. Didn't want the kids to hear the stuff he came up with.
He was always a part of my life and I really hate it that he is not here now. It hurt worse when he died than when Ma died! It still does.

Anonymous said...

I know Dad had a weird and dfferent sense of humor towards adults ..... Some of the things dad would say wasout there in many ways ... We miss Dad so very much and are always thinking about him ! Josh has a picture of dad and Emma when she was a new born baby and it s in his truck .... Everytime Josh wants to talk to Dad he looks and the picture and talks to him that way !! Dads watching down on us and there will be a day when we all will meet up with him again !!!! But, until that days comes for each and everyone of us Dad will always be a big part of our lives ...from pictures to videos and voice recordings ..our children will still grow up knowing who thier grandfather was !!! I ll send you Pat some pictures of Emma and her Birthday Balloon for Grandpa !! Thanks every ...Brandy Kapp and Joshua Hart-Wood

Susan Kinsella said...

Emma Rose looks adorable. What a sweet idea, sending birthday balloons to her grandpa. I'll bet she remembers that, even though she's so young now.

Anonymous said...

Thank you very much !! Sending Balloons to Heaven to Chic will be an on going tradition for Emma and our future children for years to come !! I know Chic is in Heaven with a huge smile from ear to ear ......