Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Judy Taylor Alberts Moving Back East!

Jimmy and I have news we are happy to share: We are leaving the
Pacific Northwest...moving on back to the eastcoast!!

We have sold the house in Seattle and are buying a house in Sarasota, Florida. The SUNSHINE

We are ready for change...the kids (young adults) are staying here, they love Seattle. Hopefully by August I will be back on-line and able to tell... all went smoothly. Jimmy's oldest sister lives in Sarasota and has two brothers looking to buy, also. Back to family and not so far to travel.

Just wanted to share this and will keep in touch.

Love you all,
Judy and Jimmy


Pat said...

Judy and Jimmy,

Congrats on the house selling SO quickly!

Now, hope that you find a terrific house in Florida, and I am excited that you will now be closer to us in the northeastern part of this country!


CB said...

so glad to have you a bit nearer! Hope the new house has plenty of bed space!!! Aunt CB

Diana said...

and might I recommend a great restaurant in Sarasota - in St. Armands Circle - the Columbia. Always say yes to the house salad - it is amazing.