Thursday, July 1, 2010

July Birthdays: Part One--

Uncle Arnon’s family has a lot of celebrating this month! We’ll start with Carol Ann Taylor Hart, whose birthday is today—Happy Birthday, Carol Ann! It’s been a while, but I always enjoyed seeing you at the Reunions.

Also, in Arnon’s family, his son, Jack Lloyd Taylor, and Bob Taylor’s children-- Robert "Robbie" Henry Taylor, Barbara Ann Taylor, and Jennifer Taylor, all share July Birthdays, as well as
Alice Nellie Stitt (Arnon’s first wife), and Jillian Lockwood Wright (Stephen's daughter, granddaughter of Nancy Taylor Wright).

Picture One: Carol Ann and her niece, Kristen
Picture Two: Jack Taylor, June 1967
Picture Three: Jen, Robbie, Barb, Tessa
Picture Four: Jillian and Ashley
Picture Five: Alice Stitt Taylor

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