Sunday, August 1, 2010

August 2010 Birthdays, Part Four

And, to finish off, we have Leonard Baker ( grandfather of Ethel, Adin, Lil and Ruth,)
Florence Baker Young ( Aunt Florence),

Twins William Lloyd Taylor and Daniel Floyd Taylor

Thomas Taylor Doran (son of Florence Taylor Doran, sister of Floyd and Lloyd Taylor)

Picture One: Leonard Baker, taken 1895
Picture Two: Florence Baker Young
Picture Three: Lloyd and Floyd, 1910
Picture Four: Joan and Tom Doran


Pat said...

I love this picture of Floyd and Lloyd holding the big turtle--not the best of them, but boy, JUST the sort of picture we would have taken if we had caught a turtle like that at our summer cottage!

In fact, it reminds me of the turtle that little Jimmy (okay, well, he MAY be in his forties now...) caught and painted his name on the shell of, then released back into the lake.

YEARS later, we caught another turtle, only to turn it over and see the faintly lettered 'Jim' on it shell.


CB said...

and notice how they are dressed for their birthday trip!! This was their choice for destination and was a favorite glen near their farm. Had to quit work and get horse and buggy out to get there! MOM