Thursday, July 1, 2010

July Birthdays, Part Two:

In Lucille Kate Taylor Kinsella’s family, Chris’ wife, Jeanette Dalle Kinsella and Chris’s son, Patrick James Kinsella , Kristin Lynn Kinsella Walker ( Tim’s daughter), Alison Kate Herdeg ( Pat’s daughter), and Jill Miller Kinsella ( Jim’s wife) all celebrate this month—Congratulations to you July Babies!

Picture One: Jen
Picture Two: Patrick
Picture Three: Kristin with eight week old Leah
Picture Four: Alison
Picture Five: Jill and Jim


Pat said...

I am trying a new background here, as my old template has 'disappeared' from the choices blogger gives us.

AND, to celebrate July, the Cliffs of Moher of Ireland are in the background--Also, this is where my Irish kid, Brian, just proposed to his girl friend, Gina.

So, enjoy this slice of Ireland!

Love to all this July,

Pat said...

Just saw Kristin and her husband Tim, and Cameron and little Leah last night for dinner--they were driving through MA on their way to Tim's parents for the long weekend, and stopped for a break on the long drive.

Cam was talking up a storm, and Leah Kate was such a cutie--glad I could finally meet and hold her.

Beautiful family; Cam confided to me that while he calls Dad 'Dad', Mommy ( and here he arched his eyebrows in disbelief) calls him 'Tim'! Cameron managed to chow down on a full dinner,leaving little on his plate, so I know he takes after his Grandpa Tim Kinsella.

Great to see you Kinsella Walkers!

Traveling Walkers said...

Aunt Pat - it was great to see you guys too! So glad we could meet up, even if it was for just an hour. We will see you in August.
Love, Kristin

Pat said...

I forgot that Kristin's birthday yesterday was a BIG one (look at the July Dates to figure which one)--Happy Birthday!!

And, Happy Birthday Tomorrow to my Alison, who turns 21--How did she get so old? Surely I am the same age, in spirit at least...!