Thursday, July 1, 2010

July Birthdays, Part Four:

In Leona’s family, her husband, Neil Carmen Maffei and her grandson, Dan Maffei ( a Fourth of July Baby) both have July birthdays.

In Gladys’ family, her husband, Lester Wood, and her son Chic Wood, and Neal Robert Osterhout, husband of Wendy Wood, enjoy Birthdays this month.

In Sylva’s family, Cookie Jenkins ( daughter of Christine, daughter of Sylva), and in Phyllis’ family, Helen Nase McPeek ( Phyllis’ daughter) both celebrate this July.

Congratulations to all the July TaylorBakerCousins Birthday Kids!

Picture One: Tim Kinsella and Dan Maffei
Picture Two: Neil and Leona (Ruth in background), September 1977
Picture Three: Gladys and Lester, June 28, 1945
Picture Four: Chic, 1995
Picture Five: Neal

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Anonymous said...

Sending A "Happy Birthday" to Heaven !! Happy Birthday "DAD" or "PAPA WOOD" as Emma would say (Lester H. Wood Jr.)or(Chic)!! You are very muched missed by all your children and grandchildren ....Enjoy Celebrating your birthday with your loved ones up there !! Also,"DAD" you have a new great grandchild that was born Wed. June 30th. 2010 her name is Jennifer Ann Wood .. William Wood's 1st. child and she weighed in @ 7 lbs. 5 oz. 21 inches !! P.S. Jon and Annie are having a baby girl due Dec. 2010 !! We know your watching down on all the Family and THANKYOU !! Happy Birthday once again DAD !! ~ Love your Family ~ Emma Rose, Brandy, Josh and all the Rest