Saturday, May 1, 2010

May Birthdays, 2010: Part Three

In Aunt CB’s family, Matthew Thomas Kinsella (Tim’s son), and Bridget Laurel Kinsella ( Chris’ daughter) celebrate in the Month of May.

In Aunt Esther’s family, F. Theodore Lochner, and Wesley Allen Riber ( Julie’s husband), both blow out Birthday Candles—

Picture One: Matt, taken at Lake George reunion, August 2009
Picture Two: Bridget, taken at Lake George Reunion, August 2009
Picture Three: Ted, taken at the Baker Reunion, August, 2009
Picture Four: Wes and Julie, taken 2008
Picture Five: Julie and Pat, taken a few weeks ago—okay, so neither of us have a May Birthday, but I LOVE this picture!!


Sue Kinsella said...

Wow, Pat, you two non-May-birthday girls both look great in that picture with the mountains as background!

Pat said...

Thank you!

We had a terrific time checking out this state park, high up in the mountains...

Scroll back to Julie's blog piece in March, 'Springtime in the
Rockies'. This is the same park, and the park ranger, hanging out at our overlook, recognized Julie--what can I say, they MUST have been memorable!--so she walked over to bug him again....

GREAT time in the Colorado Rockies, and since my Nick will be going to college there, we will be back!!