Sunday, May 23, 2010

Uncle Harold's 80th Birthday!!

Happy Birthday to You....
Uncle Harold turned Eighty on May 20th, and Ann tells me that they had a terrific birthday dinner, with rib-eye steaks and asparagus and corn, and of course, Cake.
Yesterday, the Big Party was held, and as you can see, everyone had a great time!

We ALL wish we could have been there, Uncle Harold,
BUT, for those of you who could not make it, here are some pictures from the Great Event.
Thank you, Uncle Jack for being the photographer!
And, Can I just say--TWO Birthday Cakes in ONE Week!!! Whoo--eee! Wishes DO come true.
Love to you,

Picture One: The Birthday Boy
Picture Two: The Birthday Boy and his Big Sis
Picture Three: The CAKE!
Picture Four: Memories
Picture Five: Uncle Harold and his Girls--Ann, MaryLou, Harold, Kathy, Judy


CB said...

I was there and he was flabbergasted!! Never having been the STAR of the show before he hardly knew how to act! His girls did a marvelous job on the whole affair! The day was also sunny and warm and the Lord was with him!! I am only disappointed that I never thought to get a spanking line started!!! [ we'd still be there!]

Pat said...

So, Mom,

I did not want to put this in the story in case I was wrong--So, Uncle Harold did not know this was going to happen on Saturday?

And, he really WAS surprised??

Thanks for any and all updates!


Patrick (Uncle Harold's nickname for me) aka Pat

Nancy Taylor Wright said...

Just put together food, relatives galore, fun and frolic -- BOY! don't the Taylors know how to do it! And being the Star of this party having 80 years of many of these get-togethers, don't you know it had to be wonderful!! I was there in mind and spirit, but boy, I sure wish I could have been there in person! Uncle Harold, I love you so much and I've enjoyed my share of these get-togethers with you and all the others -- I can see the enjoyment of this day on your face in the first picture!

CB{again] said...

Yes, he thought that they were getting together at Kathy's for a family picnic! Instead he saw loads of people that he had not seen for years! 2 fellows that worked for him with wives, members of Barb's "stitch and bitch" club, barb's half brother and wife and of course,loads of his relatives!
Mary Lou told me that the real surprise was Friday nite when both she and Judy and Jim had arrived and all 4 girls and families went to his house with steaks, etc to surprise him. When she saw his eyes , so big, she thought, " OHOH, We never should have done this, hes gonna have a heart attack!" However, all was fine!