Saturday, May 1, 2010

May Birthdays, 2010: Part One—

Happy May Day!

Here is to a month of lilacs and warming sun—the beginnings of summer. May you dance around a May Pole, or leave May Baskets anonymously on doorsteps—but do find a way to celebrate—it has been a long, dreary, and WET winter!

To help us celebrate, here are the TaylorBakers who enjoy birthdays this month:

We’ll start with Uncle Buttsie himself, as he turns the grand young age of 80 this month-- Harold Baker Taylor, and Carol Elizabeth Hunt ( wife of Jeff Hauf, son of Kathy Taylor) both are May Birthday Kids. Add a birthday card to your shopping list and send it to Uncle Harold on May 20th.

In Uncle Arnon’s family, Jean Wilcox Taylor (Jim’s wife), and Cynthia Wright DeLuca (daughter of Nancy Taylor Wright) celebrate their births this month.

In Aunt Ruth’s family, Sean Francis Maney ( Dan Maney’s son) has a birthday this month.

Picture One: Cynthia
Picture Two: Carol and Jeff Hauf
Picture Three: Harold shoots the chute at Algonquin Provincial Park, 1983
Picture Four: Harold, 1983
Picture Five: Patrick and Sean Maney

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Jack Kinsella said...

Harold is riding down the waterfall on a boat seat cushion.
We all had great fun doing that but had to buy new cushions for our next trip!