Saturday, May 1, 2010

May Birthdays, 2010--Part Two:

In Aunt Doris’ family: Kristy Hawkes Colley ( Charlie and Mary’s daughter) celebrates this month.

In Aunt Lil’s family, May is a Big Birthday Month—
Joyce Ann Tillotson Henderson ( Wendell’s wife), her daughter, Kathleen Amy Henderson, and Joyce and Wendell’s son, Ronald Wendell Henderson, and Lawson Ray Henderson (son of David and Patsi, grandson of Wendell and Joyce) are all birthday kids.

In Aunt Leona’s family, her son, Joseph Maffei , and Sara Louise Maffei and Andrew Carmen Maffei (twins of Neil Maffei Jr.), blow out candles.

In Aunt Sylva’s family, Michael Emhof (son of Freddy D, son of Sylva)celebrates.

Picture One: Kathleen, David, Joyce, Lawson, Justin, Ron from the Baker Reunion, August 2009
Picture Two: Ron at the Baker Reunion
Picture Three: Wendell and Joyce’s farm, Center Lisle
Picture Four: Kristy and Eowyn
Picture Five: Joey Maffei, September 1975

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