Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Rhoda Coleman Brown, April 23 1952 - January 24 2010 By Dawn Coleman Walker

Rhoda died this past January, on Sunday the 24th.

Rhoda was the daughter of Phyllis. She had a difficult life from the beginning; born with a stomach obstruction. Rhoda had a sense of humor and was a really loving sister in her younger years.

After our parents divorced we moved downstairs. Financially it was such a hard time for our mother, that she said we would not have a Christmas Tree that year. Lo and behold, I was going outside to shovel snow and saw Rhoda dragging a Christmas Tree up the street. She had shoveled snow for other people to earn enough money to purchase a tree for our family. She was so proud and smiled from ear to ear.

Either that year or a few before, we girls (Helen, me, Rhoda, and Anne) went Christmas caroling as so many did in those days. When we arrived at one of the neighbor's house, the door opened and all of us could smell a horrible odor from inside. We started singing Silent Night. I swear it was one of the most memorable moments of my life.

My sister Rhoda as we were singing, literally could not help but sniff loudly after every few words. It went like this .......Silent Night...sniff, sniff, Holy Night...sniff, sniff, All Is Calm...sniff, sniff, etc. The rest of us girls tried so hard to hold in our laughter. I thought that at least one of us would wet our pants as soon as the neighbor lady closed the door.

Rhoda was ill as most of you know and had some problems with bi-polar disease. When she died of cancer, Helen, and Rhoda's son John were at her bed side. Helen had her cell phone on speaker talking with our Annie. She is now at peace. God and all our family up in heaven are protecting her now.
Dawn Coleman Walker

Picture One: Sue Kinsella, Rhoda Coleman, Pat Kinsella, 1962


Sue Kinsella said...

Dear Dawn,

Thank you so much for writing this. It must have been so hard to do, but I'm glad we're keeping Rhoda in our Cousins' embrace on this blog.

What I remember most about Rhoda is her great big smile - I bet the same one you describe when she dragged home the Christmas tree. I wish that life had been easier for her. Thanks for letting us know about her.

Love to you,

Aunt CB said...

IN my view of Life after Death I hold that our entire life is screnned by the Lord and HE understands when we made mistakes WHY we did so . This is not possible for us mortals. Therefore I am sure that Rhoda is FINALLY understood and happy with her parents as she so wanted! Thank you Dawn for all you have done! PS { I am as sure that Aunt Doris is right there with them and that they are singing ' Little Miss Bliss"

Sue Kinsella said...

I love the new picture of Rhoda, Pat and me. Holding hands, arms around each other - that's how I remember Rhoda.